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AdYogi is a Marketing Automation Software, developed with a vision to help e-commerce businesses large or small, acquire customers online and thereby increase revenue in the most efficient manner. Our freemium tool allows you to access some key analytical tools to scale your Meta Ads. You can track important metrics, conduct benchmark analysis, generate AI-powered ad copy and so much more with AdYogi.

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What we offer

Consolidated performance reports

Analyze overall marketing performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also segment your performance on the basis of different stages of the marketing funnel- Top, Middle, and Bottom.

Campaign Analysis

See the performance of all your campaigns that are intelligently grouped into Adyogi's campaign structure.

Granular Analysis

Take a deeper dive and analyze your data at a Campaign, Ad set, or Ad level, so you can optimize for better performance.

Ad Text Generator

Craft compelling ad copies using the power of AI by simply answering 4 questions related to your brand and the products you sell on your website. Generate ad copy that sells.

Diagnostic Report

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of important metrics compared with the benchmark of your industry and take corrective actions when required.

WhatsApp Reports

Get access to a Daily Performance Snapshot delivered on WhatsApp. Track critical metrics on a daily basis from the comfort of your mobile.

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