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Automate Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads for your ecommerce store and optimize your returns using Adyogi.

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Built for Ecommerce

As a Premier Google Partner & Facebook Agency Partner, our digital marketing specialists offer unmatched expertise in paid search for ecommerce companies, starting from campaign creation to final conversion optimization. Sit back and relax while we focus our energy on getting just the right set of people to visit your online store and make purchases, thereby scale your business in quite time.

Automate and Optimize your Ads using following key features.


Intelligent Ads

Automatically create Ads for smart categories like Top selling, Most viewed, High-value products, etc from your website to ensure that your top products are always in front of your best customers to skyrocket your sales


Live Sync Catalog

Automatically sync your website with Adyogi and eliminate repetitive tasks like the hassle of uploading pictures according to Facebook guidelines, removing out of stock products from your ad, changing price and sizes for products, etc.


Automatic Budgets

Automatically get your budgets optimized for the campaigns for every hour or day, on the basis of their last 1 to 30 days performance according to requirement. Ensure high budgets availablity to best-performing campaigns.


Smart Targeting

Just get the right set of people to visit your online store by using 100+ Adyogi targeting combinations personalized for each of you using AI on the basis of your customer behavior, industry demographics, website visitors, page fans, etc.  



Create and Manage all your ads across various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Pinterest, Taboola, Snapchat, Messenger, Mobile Apps from one common platform and make sure that no opportunity is left unturned


Customized Statistics

Adyogi reporting All our reports customized exclusively for ecommerce funnel metrics and our engine tracks each and every sale coming from our platform, so you are always in control of what you are spending for. Indepth insights to aid decision making.

Working with 100+ Brands Globally

Adyogi Shopify App - For Small Stores

A Self-serve App for small stores to run Facebook & Instagram Ads. No Dedicated Account Manager.



  • More than 100 orders in last 60 days
  • Ecommerce Website hosted on Shopify

30 Days Free Trial


Adyogi Pro App - For Medium Size Stores

An Advanced App with more features for growing & mature stores with dedicated account manager



  • More than 500 orders in last 60 days
  • Any E commerce Website

30% Off for first 3 months

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