A Global Unisex Footwear brand

C& J. Clarks International Ltd, trading as Clarks, is a British based International Shoe Manufacturer and Retailer.


To implement discounting and scale-up strategy during the festive season to drive higher returns.

Increasing sales for Clark's online store by providing premium discounts and offers throughout the store for the users. Also, Increasing the festive emotion among the audience and to promote products at a large scale.


Developed a discounting strategy which lead to efficient Campaign setup and Ad promotions

  • Category-wise Campaign setup helped in driving relevant and intent audience

    Campaigns were created based on category of products such as Men, Women and Kids Collection which were the three major categories on “Clarks” website. In addition to this sub-category, campaigns were also created like Clarks Originals Collection, Festive Collection, etc. These campaigns targeted specific interest groups according to the category such as for Men ( People interested in Luxury Shoes) and Women (Interested in Boots, Heel and more). With the help of these targeting, we were able to drive intent traffic and drive higher returns during the festive season.

  • Bringing out the festive connect in Ads helped in boosting sales during the festive season for Clarks

    Connecting with the audience through appropriate festive emotions was the keen focus while running Ads during the festive season. Ads were created for Clarks using features such as “Overlays” (These are clip arts, price or images which are uploaded over the product image which is displayed on ads) such as “Diyas” and “Lamps” for Diwali season, Strikethrough prices and their brand logo on ads. These overlays helped Clarks in increasing the engagement during this season. In addition to this Festive related Ad text was used to drive sales.

  • Festive specific coupon codes and exclusive offers were launched for different users based on their experience with the product on the website to increase engagement

    Clarks launched different offers for users based on their experience and reached out to relatively larger audience during this season to maximize returns. Coupon codes such as “DIWALI10” and more were promoted. Additional offers were provided to users and increased engagement on the website. These offers were made available to new audience as well as the audience which has visited the website of Clarks and initiated some events like “Add To Cart, Checkout Initiated etc” on desired products.

  • Price fluctuations were handled with the help of Automated Product Catalog 

    Clarks rolled out a lot of discounts to the audience during the festive season due to which there were price fluctuations. This was managed with the help of Catalog Sale Campaigns i.e Campaigns linked to catalog which is updated on a real-time basis. Price fluctuations occurrences due to discounts and offers were updated on a daily basis leading to a hike in overall sales by showing day to day offers and discounts to the audience.


 85% hike in the overall website revenue and reduced Cost per Add to Cart by 20%

These campaigns helped Clarks to rapidly increase their sales. with an increased Click Through Rate of 3.3% with Return on Ad Spend as high as 1100% in the festive season.

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