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Scaling eCommerce with

'Google Ads' as a Channel

Facebook and Instagram will always be a major source of your purchasers at any point of time. That's because almost 60-80% of them are impulsive purchasers. But don't you think being dependent on just a single platform can be nerve wrecking at times? 

Exploring and A/B testing other sources is one way to reduce this dependency. But again, this experimenting comes with a cost attached to it and is not everyone's cup of tea. 

That's why AdYogi is here to present some of our tested theories on 'Google' as a channel. These insights and applications can contribute to around 50% of your revenue when set up right.   


What's in this eBook:

  • Why should you look for other channels for performance marketing?
  • Why is Facebook a dominant channel?
  • Google as not a single platform but a combination of four
  • 3 pillars on Google Ads for DTC brands to concentrate on


Bulletproof campaign structure for scaling via Google ads

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