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      Payment and Billing

      1. Acceptable modes of payment

      Payments are accepted only via credit cards through the link provided along with the invoices. From the second invoice onwards, payments will be auto-debited from your card once the invoice is raised with the prior notifications about the upcoming renewal

      2. Payment/Billing Cycle

      The payment cycle starts on the day the Ads go live. All invoices will be raised on the same date of the preceding months. The Ad spends for next month/quarter will be forecasted on the basis of the last 30 or 90 days spends by default. The invoice of the following month will have positive/negative adjustments as per the actual ad spend in the current billing period. The invoice would be raised on the day of due and the payment would be debited the same day. A reminder would be sent 5 days before the due date.

      3. Tax Deducted at source

      All payments for AdYogi invoices have to be processed in full without deducting TDS. At the end of every quarter, clients can submit the proofs for any TDS paid to the government and the same will be processed as a refund within 7 working days.


      Operating Model

      1. Division of Responsibility in case of AdYogi PRO



      2. Division of Responsibility in case of AdYogi LITE



      Customer Support Terms

      1. Ways to reach out.

      • Whatsapp - 8882568993
      • Chat Option at the bottom right corner on the platform.
      • E-mail -
      • You will have the calendar available for the account manager/Onboarding manager to schedule hangouts calls for detailed discussions.

      2. Working Hours

      • We are available from Monday-Friday barring any holidays from 10 AM - 6 PM.
      • All optimization related issues will be resolved within 1 working day.
      • All specialized reporting requests and bugs or technical issues will be serviced in 2 working days.

      3. Responsibility of Ads Content

      All content posted must comply with this Agreement and all applicable laws(FB and google policies), codes and good advertising practices


      Termination of services

      1. Period of Notice.

      Either party may terminate this contract at any time for any reason, upon presentation of a 30 days’ notice given to the other party. But in case of the failure, inaccuracy, or breach of any clauses set out in this agreement, either party may terminate this agreement with immediate effect by delivering notice of the termination to the other.

      2. Refund Process

      You can cancel your subscription by giving 30 days' advance notice. AdYogi Platform is a self-serve platform, and you can schedule the cancellation under the billing tab.

      No refunds will be given for monthly subscriptions. For Quarterly and Half Yearly subscriptions, refunds will be processed on a Pro-rata basis based after settling the Fee due during the 30 day notice period.

      Intellectual Property Rights

      1. AdYogi's Intellectual Property

      1. All copyright, designs, patent, trademarks, trade names, and other intellectual property rights (“IPR”) in and to AdYogi or displayed on the Website are and shall remain the exclusive property of AdYogi or Facebook, Google or any third party as the case may be.

      2. Use of Data & Security

      AdYogi can use insights from customer’s account in whatever manner AdYogi may in its discretion choice (but not to be used in any other’s client's account who sells similar products). Such insights cannot contain personally identifiable information of the customer or its customers without the customer’s expressed permission. No proprietary information about your campaigns will be shared with third parties.

      3. Non Competete 

      Clients should not share Adyogi's agreements/projections with any 3rd party agency. AdYogi will also ensure that client ad accounts are not shared with any competing agency.