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      Our goal at AdYogi is to help our clients capitalize on delivering personalized ads with automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling using cutting-edge technology, to drive sales. Our key product features are:

      • Automated Ads creator for top categories like top selling, most viewed, etc. without hassle of repeated uploads.
      • Customized New Ads Creator - like single product videos, multi-products carousel, animated ads.
      • Automated Facebook & Instagram Budget & Bid Optimizer to maximize ROAS.
      • Google Shopping Ads AI-supported Feed optimizer to top the suggestions
      • Predictive Keywords Analyser
      • Detailed insights on the website to analyze results.
      • 24/5 highly technical real-time support

      Automate and Optimize your Ads

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      Smart Ads

      Automatically create Ads for smart categories like Top selling, Most viewed, High-value products, etc from your website to ensure that your top products are always in front of your best customers.


      Personalised Catalog

      Automatically sync your website with Adyogi and eliminate repetitive tasks like the hassle of uploading pictures or resizing them according to Facebook guidelines, removing out of stock products from your ads, etc.


      Automatic Budget Optimization

      Automatically get your budgets allocated to the campaigns based on their performance to ensure high budgets availablity to best-performing adsets, proportionate spends among audiences of various funnel stages such as product views, add to cart, checkout, purchases.


      Facebook & Instagram Advertising

      Use Facebook advertising and dominate social media sites where online shoppers are actively seeking purchase inspiration and ideas. As the Official Marketing Partner of Facebook, AdYogi helps you figure out the right strategy and ensures appropriate implementation of ideas to optimize your returns.


      Facebook and Instagram Ads
      Google and Youtube Ads


      Google Shopping & Youtube Advertising

      Quickly create Google Smart Shopping campaigns that convert like crazy. Adyogi being the premium partner of google, helps you transform your product data feeds, automate targeted bidding and compare your performance to that of competitors all from within one comprehensive platform.