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      Studies show that every 1 in 3 orders is returned to the origin.

      Yet, overshadowed by the bright perception of eCommerce sellers making constant profits, encountering a mountain of opportunities, and scaling sales every day, the plague of this common industry problem is often sidelined.   

      It is no surprise that with every eCommerce business deal, comes the RTO business to deal with. In fact, as many as 67% of shoppers have been part of the trend of checking the returns page before making a purchase online. Implying the importance of the "returns" factor among consumers. Now since more than half of your customers are interested in returns, so should you.  

      What's in this eBook:

      • Insights into the RTO world of an eCommerce business 
      • Top 3 reasons why items are shipped back to the seller
      • The 5 essential causes for the non-delivery of packages
      • 4 effective ways to tackle RTO orders

      BONUS: Tips from 6 industry experts on how YOU can fight RTOs 

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