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      Experience reporting like never before

      Industry Benchmarks Analysis

      Industry benchmark analysis

      Industry Benchmarks Analysis

      Evaluate your paid marketing efforts, uncover growth opportunities, and ensure your performance aligns with industry benchmarks using the Diagnostic Report feature.
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        Dive into crucial metrics like CTR, CPM, ROAS, and Repeat Customer Rate.

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        Gain actionable insights needed to make informed business decisions.

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        Get recommendations where immediate action is needed

      Demographics and Keywords Analysis

      Optimize campaign with detailed demographic and keyword insights. Identify where your prospect customer are coming from, what they are looking for, and how they are searching for it. 

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        Regional Analysis to identify top-performing areas
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        Keywords and Search Terms Analysis for google Search campaigns

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        Identify Negative Keywords and target your ads precisely.

      Demographics and Keywords Analysis

      Demographics and keywords

      LTV and Retention analysis

      LTV and retention

      LTV and Retention analysis

      Adyogi’s Repeat Purchaser Analysis assesses the LTV of customers from Ad-driven website visits. Identify who your new customers are.

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        Get insights into your retention marketing efforts

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        Establish long-term customer engagement for improved profitability.

      Inventory and Discount Analysis

      Pinpoint best-selling items at risk of depletion and assess how long the remaining inventory will last. Gain insights into how discounts influence your bottom line, empowering you to fine-tune your marketing strategy. 

      • Identify which discount % works the best for you

      • Synergize inventory management with performance marketing efforts

      • Visualize the revenue share from each category in the form of comprehensive charts

      Inventory and Discount Analysis

      inventory and discount analysis

      Data-Driven Catalog Analysis

      Data driven - analytics

      Data-Driven Catalog Analysis

      Adyogi enables multi-channel data integrations such as Google Analytics, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and Fynd. With our Catalog Analysis, you can seamlessly extract data from these sources to identify your top-sellers, most viewed and under-performing SKUs.
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        Curate customized product sets

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        Remove under-performing products
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        Focus on top-converting products

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