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      Use Adyogi's whitelabel performance automation tool and skyrocket your revenue & customer retention. 

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      More Than 200+ Teams Use AdYogi

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      A Platform Designed For Growth 

      Centralize and automate account operations across platforms for all ecommerce clients. Set up GA, Pixel, GTM, Create predefined campaigns, Analyze till ad and products level, and optimize performance across funnel. 

      Streamline Client reporting with deep insights
      Advanced Catalog Feed Management
      Industry-wide Pre-defined Audiences
      Creative Launcher with category Smart Ads
      Pre-defined category smart Ads
      Daily trend charts and diagnostic reports
      Pause non-performing products
      Custom overlays for images and videos
      AI ad copy generator
      ABO, and more,
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      Seamless Integration With Your Marketing Data

      Our platform provides over 10 marketing integrations, and we release new updates every month to ensure that you are always informed about your clients' data, which is centralized in one convenient location.

      Transform to Agency 2.0


      Adyogi makes it easy to centralize setup, management, as well as optimization of digital campaigns across Ad channels and marketplaces. We deep dive into data management to offer you insights at granular levels (ad set and product) across the ecommerce marketing funnel. So you can deliver high-performing campaigns to YOUR clients without spending hours on data tracking.



      Easy & Quick Tech Setup
      Easy & Quick Tech Setup

       Leverage the power of integrated tracking APIs, Server-side tracking In-built advanced catalog features

      Brand safety & personalization
      Brand safety & personalization

      Quick performance analytics Reports & trend charts White label the dashboard

      Operational Efficiency
      Operational Efficiency

      Swiftly onboarding of DTC clients Assign more accounts to your managers, Reduce the turnaround time Access preset use cases Adopt campaign learnings

      Rulebooks for Success
      Rulebooks for Success

      Access preset rulebooks to replicate the successful campaign learnings, strategies, and features. Leverage these rulebooks to amplify the volume of your DTC client success stories.

      Training & performance teams
      Training & performance teams

      Dedicated training teams for easy onboarding process and platform demos. Free consultations with performance teams allocated to help you make informed decisions.

      Choose A Plan That's Right For You

      Not sure what works best for you, feel free to contact us

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      Are you an early-stage agency? 
      Eligible marketing agencies can get upto 50% discount for upto 1 year. Connect with us to learn more.
      We offer a 15% discount on a 6-months subscription and a 25% discount on an annual subscription.

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      Do you offer a whitelabelled solution?

      Yes. You can replace AdYogi logo with your Agency Logo on client exposed platform, can change the product URL to include your agency name, can change the favicons, can setup daily whitelabelled reports with your agency logo for your clients and many more such whitelabelled features. Connect with us to learn more!

      Do you offer bulk adspend pricing or per client pricing?

      Yes. We take into account the total adspend managed across all agency clients rather than separately for each clients for billing calculations. We also offer bulk discounts . Reach out to our growth team to learn more.

      How do I know that my team would be able to leverage the AdYogi product to help us scale our agency adspend across our clients?

      We offer complex, effective, data-proven strategies in a very simplified manner on AdYogi product to help your team implement with ease. We provide comprehensive trainings(offline-online) to get your team upto speed and to enable them implement best-in-class campaign structures and tactics.

      Can we expect any consulting for our top clients?

      We provide on-demand consulting/guidance for your strategic clients based on our learnings from managing $60Mn Adspend data across Meta, Google, Youtube and marketplaces.

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      What Our Partners Have To Say?


      Gaurav Khunteta

      Founder, digital GK

      “Adyogi's partnership program has helped us to achieve some of the best results for our clients. We, Digital GK, are able to do as much as an 8x-10x improvement in our account management. The platform is fantastic! Data is fresh, and the latest updates are always reflected in their features. On top of that, the Adyogi partner support and expertise are unmatched. Altogether, this program has helped us not only to generate maximum sales for our clients' but has also helped my agency to grow much faster”

      mojito labs 1

      Abhishek Modi

      Founder, Mojito Labs

      “I am using AdYogi's Partnership Program to offer digital marketing services to my clients as a total package along with my Shopify website development services. This has helped me to increase customer retention and upselling clients to higher plans in Shopify.”

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      Anurakt Jain

      Founder, Klub (RBF Platform)

      “The collaboration with Adyogi has been a brilliant move for Klub. We now have access to both growth-oriented strategies and tools to move forward and grow faster. Their dedication and coordination is evident in all aspects of the results we have seen for our eCommerce clients.”


      Baqar Naqvi

      Founder & CEO - Upriver

      "Adyogi is our go-to tool to manage campaigns for all our D2C brands. The journey so far has been good, the partner to partner support is prompt and Adyogi is always available to help us out wherever we get stuck. This is very important for us, they are able to understand our requirements and work with us accordingly. Additionally Adyogi is one of the best tools out there for centralised campaign management which simplifies life for us. Looking forward to many more years of collaboration!"