Many Ecommerce brands today struggle to increase the overall sales beyond a certain extend from Digital Advertising. One of the major reason for this is that when they try to increase their budgets on Facebook or Google Campaigns, only the Ad spend goes up and sales doesn't increase proportionately for most of the companies.

Because of this reducing trend in ROAS with increase in spends, many ecommerce companies drop-off from the attempt of scaling-up the sales and bring the budgets back to previous levels. 

A general rule of thumb is that when you want to increase sales from digital ads, just increasing budget limits won't be sufficient whereas a set of actions needs to be taken in parallel to ensure stable ROAS from Ads, so that your overall sales increases in proportion to increase in spends.

Following are few strategies that helps you avoid drop in ROAS while scaling-up and to increase sales from Ads in proportion to increase in spends:

1. Ensure Right Structure during Campaign Setup:




2. Use Board Target Audience - Increase your target audiences with increase in budgets 



3. Introduce Cost Caps to control cost per acquisition and reduce overspending on Facebook



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