An online store for cycling accessories

Always Riding is a leading online provider of cycling apparel and accessories, selling over 2,000 products of the best known brands in the cycling marketplace. It sells stylish sports add-ons from both independent & established market players


Increase sales by driving more website traffic

Monitor and Drive Sales for a Transnational Cycling Accessories Brand by directing relevant traffic on the portal.


Executed the Carousel & Newsfeed Ads and drove engagement campaigns to enable cross-sell.

  •  Carousel & Newsfeed Ads run on Mobile Apps highlighting multiple product categories
  • Target Audiences were identified across all countries where the company serves and ads were shown to relevant prospective costumers
  • Bump into daily traffic with the higher engagement on Facebook and improved the Add to cart
  •  We ensured that their Ads are continually updated to account for any changes in their stock


4.5x hike in ROI

Generated a ROI of 4.5x in the first 15 days for a cycling clothing & accessories brand by driving relevant traffic to their e-commerce platform across multiple countries using multiple languages