A baby and mother care brand

The brand in consideration is an online store with nationally-focused sales operated by Reliance Brands. It specializes in the “Toys, Hobby & DIY” category, particularly in the area of “Toys & Baby”. Here are a few characteristics of the brand for your understanding:


Highly fluctuating Average Selling Price 

The brand in consideration has a wide range of products with SKUs ranging from INR 600-12000~. This extensive range resulted in an inconsistent Average Selling Price which affected the ultimate ROI.

Low customer acquisition for high-value SKUs.

The brand was struggling with low customer acquisition for high-value SKUs, such as baby care, essential oils with an AOV of Rs 600 had the highest conversion rates (~2.5%). Despite these favorable metrics, the brand was finding it difficult to acquire customers for these high-value SKUs.

Maintaining a higher rank on Google 

The brand was finding it challenging to maintain efficiency on Google campaigns due to an high volume of competition in the market. 


Categorizing the SKUs to improve targeted conversions

  1. Performance was optimized at the product-level by categorizing products based on CTRs, transaction rates, and ASP.
  2. Low ASP products were promoted with smart Ads using cost-cap campaigns.
  3. High value products were added to value-optimized campaigns.
  4. Campaigns were run with Ads for SKUs with core sizes only.
  5. Top selling categories like baby care oils, diapers, briefs were promoted to acquire new customers at a lower CAC.
  6. The engaged audience was further remarketed to extensively


Creating niche campaigns to generate demand for high-value SKUs

1. Adyogi's catalog optimizer was used to exclude all low AOV categories (>1000) & OOS products in real time.

2. Low AOV categories added to custom Ads in prospect-conversion campaign with cost cap bidding.

3. Category with High value products (baby-care furniture and cradles, AOV 6000+) were added to a separate campaign


Screenshot (8)

Budget and bidding optimization to rank higher on Google   

  1. 55-60% budget was dedicated to YT and Discovery (Smart Ads) branding campaigns to increase brand search volume by 22%.
  2. Bidding objective was changed from Maximizing conv to Target Impression Share
  3. Separate Performance Max campaigns were set up for high AOV products like Baby Bedding.
  4. Identified best selling products like Diapers under low AOV category to capitalize on them



The revenue of the Brand was improved by 76% y-o-y.

  • The monthly revenue was improved by 71% from the starting point.
  • Facebook efficiency improved from 3.4X to 8.9X in 10 months 
  • Grew the no. of orders generated (on website) by 100% in 6 months 
  • Brought the CPS down from INR500 to INR250 over 11 months.
  • The average order value was improved by 66% in 8 months.
  • The search impression share was improved from 80% to 96%