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      A Premium Solar Lighting Brand

      Best Solar Lighting (BSL) is a reputable name when it comes to solar-powered lights. The company is well-known for quality products, superior customer service, & reasonable pricing. Solar lights have several advantages – cost-effectiveness & reduction in electricity consumption. That’s not all as they also allow for greater customization than standard lights. If you want your house & workplace to stand out in terms of visual appeal, solar lights by BSL is a perfect choice. Products include water fountains, hummingbird lights, flickering lamp torches, sunflower lights, & a lot more. The company strives to provide top-quality lighting products designed to give gardens, homes, & offices an exciting new look.


      Selecting the right platform to scale the campaigns while increasing intent-based purchasers

      Finding the right target market for niche-products is always challenging because solar-powered lights are not for everyone. They require a little investment, a good understanding of their benefits, & an artistic mind. Targeting people who merely have an interest in solar lights would never be the right approach. The audience needs to be narrowed down to people who are intent on buying solar lights. But what good is a target market when there is uncertainty about which platform is ideal for targeting them?

      The main challenges can be summed up as:
      • Finding the right platform for the campaign as the products require intent-based customers rather than impulsive buyers
      • Ensuring a good ROAS


      Building intent audience to increase sales with Google Shopping Campaigns.

      Selecting the right platform for such ad campaigns is never a straightforward decision. Adyogi's algorithms suggested Google. The reason for selecting Google is that it is more associated with intent. When it comes to solar lights, intent matters more than impulsive buying. Within Google, there are several options. Best Solar Lighting team finalized Smart Shopping Campaigns with the help of Adyogi tool's suggestion for multiple reasons. Firstly, it uses machine learning technology with improved automation. Secondly, it helps in retargeting the target audience across multiple social media platforms. Thirdly, prospecting & dynamic remarketing can be done within the same campaign. This combined with the Adyogi application, success was guaranteed. Let’s see how.

      The Adyogi Catalog Configuration for Product Details feature helped improve the feed quality score. The brand name was added as a prefix in the ads as customers are more likely to search products by brand name. The strategy worked - there was a marked boost in ad impressions, website traffic, & sales. Next, the Adyogi Smart Shopping Creator with Ad Group Settings & Category Exclusions feature shifted the bidding strategy to fully automated. This increased conversion, visibility in Search Engine Results Pages, & conversion value.


      Prospective customers were shown descriptive optimized ads. Such ads are useful in compelling visitors to click them. These ads were designed by the Adyogi Dynamic Descriptions for Products & Variant Inclusion feature. The Real-time Product Synchronization & Optimization feature ensured real-time catalogue synchronization & update. It made sure all BSL products had correct descriptions. This Adyogi feature is perfect for Google campaigns as Google’s Algorithm gives priority to products with descriptions and helps in more effective audience targeting.

      2020-08-27 (1)


      Increase in ROAS with a relevant increase in overall traffic from Google Campaigns

      With Adyogi’s help, BSL achieved the following results:

      • Return on Ad Spend-2.5X (For each $1 spent on ads, $2.5 worth of products were sold) *

      • Overall Website Traffic: Increased by 33%

      • Organic Website Traffic was Increased by 21%

      * Actual spending amount withheld due to privacy.