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      Ecommerce Fashion Brand: Truebrowns

      Truebrowns is a modern women’s ethic wear brand with Indian roots. The brand started it’s online journey back in 2016 in India. Today it has established a strong presence across US, Canada, and Australia. Here are a few characteristics of the brand for your understanding:

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      The international sales were boosted from $20K to $100K in 10 months

      • The annual revenue was improved by 500% from the starting point.
      • The Average Cost to Revenue Ratio optimised from 70-80% initially
        to 35-40% 
      • Grew the no. of orders generated (on website) by 5x within 10 months 
      • Currently successfully running ads across 5 geographies.
      • The Repeat Customer Rate increased from 0% to 20%




      Unoptimized potential

      Truebrowns had a well-setup Indian commerce channel for over 2 years. Towards 2021, they identified interested buyers from The US, Canada, The UK, Malaysia, Singapore, The UAE sales on Indian website (<5%)

      Minimal audience base

      Provided there wasn’t enough clarity on how and where to target prospects, the brand wasn’t able to optimize their targeting costs- CPM reaching ~3000

      Zero recurring customers

      Although the brand had a well-established presence and a good TOFU, repeat rate on even best sellers was closing 0. 


      Setting up the international
      business for success

      1. Developed a new website with frequent audits for seamless UX.
      2. Used market finder to identify high revenue markets. Started with USA and slowly expanded across UK & Canada>> Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Australia >> Europe (TBD)
      3. Established Product level segregation for geographies- Prints for Singapore, Velvets for colder regions, Solids in USA, etc.
      4. Capitalized on region-specific sales/event and created Smart Ads for region-wise best sellers

      Demographics _ Keywords-1



      Generating a new audience base across geographies

      1. Set up Native American campaign to focus on Indian diaspora.
      2. 80-90% Indian Diaspora-based targeting ranging from Indian Foods, Indian Festivals, Bollywood, Tellywood, Yoga, Cricket, Indian Designers, Indian Brands, etc.
      3. Plus size audience worked very well, showing a huge demand from the plus-size audience.
      4. Identified relevant Ad formats for regions- Stories+Reel were a game changer in USA because of TikTok popularity.
      5. Smart Ads of slideshow format with still images and frame overlays had a high CTR%


      Supercharging retention and repeat customers  

      1. Considering the brand is in Comfort everyday wear, the business's retention aspect was primarily focused.
      2.  Engage Campaign & 2 Dynamic Campaign was created to better target the promising prospects.

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