An online store for Women's Fashion

Ethnic Sutra is an online store that sells traditional women apparels such as Salwar Suits, Sarees at affordable prices.


Increase sales by driving more website traffic

Drive online sales for a Various Women Apparel brand by driving relevant traffic onto the portal


Executed the A-B Testing and drove engagement campaigns to enable cross-sell.

  • Targeted medium and high income working women with age bracket of 25-55
  • A-B Tested multiple creative options to see which one worked the best
  • Catalogue Ads are run to avoid Ads on out of stock Products
  • Used Canvas and Carousel Ads to bring back lost customers by retargeting them
  • Focused on Instagram Ads to increase reach among women


Experienced ROI of 12x and 5.5% of CTR

Client experienced a ROI of 12x in the process of running promotion. This also gained the Click Through Rate of 5.5%