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      An Indian designer eyewear brand

      Eyewearlabs, founded with a rebellious spirit and a great objective to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price. Eyewearlabs, was started to create an alternative in the industry eyewear by removing traditional channels. By designing glass in house and engaging with customers directly and providing higher quality products ranging from lenses to sunglasses to digital protection or night driving glasses. Eyewearlabs aims to be the standard for quality and trust for the customers, so that they can relax and leave the hassle to the team.


      Reduce the cost per impression (CPM) in order to optimize ROAS.

      Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to eyewear. Eyewearlabs believes that everyone has the right to see and wanted the masses to have access to a hassle free eyewear. Eyewearlabs constantly faced a high increase in their cost per sale which impacted their revenue. They wanted to increase the sales by focusing on ad placements and targeting specific audience. They wanted to execute their creatives and other customised campaigns on Instagram. Which helped them improve their brand growth and reduce the cost per impression (CPM).


      Leverage was provided to Instagram to generate ROAS

      Eyewearlabs engaged its audience highly using Instagram as its platform for sales. And used Adyogi’s catalog sales campaign which allowed them to target specific audience and products  based on their requirements. Eyewearlabs  wanted to promote their sunglasses range and targeted only men. These ads were optimized throughout Instagram. Instagram helped in increasing overall ROAS thereby targeting the right set of audience with appropriate content.

      Rich creative assets helped in reducing the CPM rates.

      Rich creatives are the key to success for any e-commerce business. Creative help drives in the relevant audience. Eyewearlabs with the help of AdYogi created slideshow and carousel ads which were frequently updated. And highlighted different variants of their products. For eg: Guztang Gun, Tony Stark, Blu Block, Hawk Black, etc. These were some key product features that helped in increasing the traffic thereby reducing CPM rates.



      Cost control automation helped in maintain optimal Cost per sale (CPS).

      Cost control automation helps to bid for the ads in order to maintain the cost per acquisition or sale. AdYogi’s cost caps strategy initiated lesser cost per sale which led to constant increase in ROAS as well. Cost caps helps maximize conversion volume while controlling cost and efficiently increase sales.  The cost caps were allotted based on previous performances to reach the optimal CPS while increasing the overall purchase and ROAS. Implying Cost caps to Eyewearlabs ads drastically controlled their Cost per sales (CPS) rates.



      Increased revenue and ROAS.

      By combining Eyewearlabs content with AdYogi’s automation solutions the team was able to increase the overall growth by 11X. And maintained efficiency and consistency in ROAS of 5X