An online store Fancy fashion pants  

An online store Fancy Pants is one of the highly exclusive brand with an awesome collection of fashion dresses and accessories


Increase sales by driving more website traffic

Drive online sales for a Luxury Women Apparel brand by driving relevant traffic on the portal


Executed the right prospect campaigns and drove engagement campaigns to enable cross-sell.

  • Targeted women who had an interested in Luxury brands, living in high end areas, and frequently transacting on online channels
  • Running Dynamic Ads increased the sales of the e commerce platform rapidly gaining cart te of 98
  • Ads were shown in all Tire 1 Indian Cities
  • Carousel Ads run on Mobile Apps highlighting multiple product


8x Consistent Return on Ad spend 

The campaign helped Fancy Pants to rapidly increase their sales, with the Return on Ad Spend was as high as 8OO% in one month