An online store bike Accessories

Grandpitstop is Next-Gen Motorcycle accessories designer with the mission to solve riders "unmet" needs a make riding safe & pleasurable. Offers a wide range of Bike Accessories viz Motorcycle Dolly Paddock,Stand Replacement,Puncture Solutions.


Increase website traffic to reach audience of super bikes

Grand Pitstop objective was to reach out to the niche audience of super bike owners at lowest possible cost per acquisition.


Executed A-B Testing and drove engagement campaigns to audience of superbikes

  •  Divided audience into specific categories according to the weight of their super bike
  • A-B Tested multiple creative options to see which one worked the best
  • Refreshed the ad text and creatives regularly which helped to maintain a high relevance score of above 9


3x hike in ROI and 4.5% in CTR

We were able to drive a CTR of 4.5% with a CPM which is less than a Dollar and a ROI of 300 %+ within the first 3 months.