An online Bazaar

Indzola is an affordable online bazaar having a wide variety of products ranging from apparels, shoes, accessories for men, women and kids to kitchen appliances, mobile phones, laptops, computers and other electronic products.


Increase sales by driving more website traffic

Drive substantial traffic onto the website as there was minimal traffic in the beginning and then retarget the potential clients to generate sales on the website


Executed the right prospect campaigns and drove engagement campaigns to enable cross-sell.

  • Initially ran a traffic campaign for 25 days to drive prospective audience onto the website depending on their lifestyles, behaviour and interests.
  • Once, substantial traffic was built on the website, retargeting campaign was initiated where
  • People who viewed the products but didn't add it to the cart were targeted
  • People who added products to the cart but didn't purchase were targeted
  • People who visited the website in the past 7, 28 or 180 days were also targeted


12x hike in ROI and 7% of CTR

Client experienced a Click-through-Rate of 7% in the first two months and an ROI of 1200% in the 2nd month through the retargeting campaign