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      UK-based Jeans retailer

      Jean Scene is a UK-based online retail store for clothing, footwear, and accessories. The brand has a 13k SKU wide catalog of products from brands like Levis, Lee, Wrangler, and more. Here are a few characteristics of the brand for your understanding:


      Low search impression share for sub brands

      The retailer brand sells products from sub-brands like Wrangler, Lee, Levis, etc. Due to the competition in the market, their search impression was struggling < 50%.

      Lack of product and category level insights

      Jean Scene has a 13K SKU wide catalog from multiple brands. The challenge in generating product and category level insights here was hampering their growth.

      Inefficient budget allocation

      The brand was highly dependent on just Google as Ads channel. In order to scale the order volume, exploring more platforms was needed.

      Low website traffic and awareness

      The brand is among the top few jeans retailers in the UK. To better the position of the brand among competition, they had reached a very high bidding (£ 1.5-2).


      Updating the Targeting and Bidding approach

      1. Changed the bidding strategy to “Target Search impression share” to increase the search imp. against competitors and website-listed sub brands.
      2. Created separate search campaigns to focus on the competitor brands - Jean store, Jean wise, Buy jeans.
      3. Targeted competitor-based Custom Intent segments across the prospect audience
      4. Launched separate sub-brand-specific Search and P-max campaigns for Wrangler, Lee brands.

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      Product-level performance tracking and Ad optimization

      • Identified the hero products for ex, Wrangler Texas jeans with Adyogi Product Analytics and created separate Ads for these products.
      • Used Adyogi’s catalog configurations to automatically pause Ads with OOS and underperforming products.
      • Standard Shopping campaigns were enabled to utilize the shopping placement to acquire at lower CPC
      • Products with lower clicks (< 50) were separately focused upon in a P-Max campaign


      Introducing a new channel and turning it profitable

      1. Piloted the Meta campaigns to efficiently scale up the brand during the festive season
      2. Built the top line with the Meta sub-brand specific Traffic and VC campaigns
      3. Used Advantage + to scale up the brand in UK region at a lower CPS as compared to conversion campaigns. Acquired customers at £ 6-7 (40% lower v/s other platforms)
      4. Leveraged Google Display & Discovery campaigns to increase the top funnel audience and reduce CAC



      The revenue of the Brand was improved by 3.8x in a span of 2 months.

      • The revenue from the Brand's website was improved by 3.8X within 2 months.
      • A significant jump in order volumes generate by website in 2 months recorded
      • The website traffic was increased by 100%.
      • 70% impression share among the competitors and 20% for sub brands during Black Friday
      • 10% decrease in marketing cost on revenue