Chain of retail jewellery business going online

This Jewellery brand is an exciting new way to buy Fashion and Silver Jewellery and Accessories Online.  While the idea of buying jewellery online is not new, the brand provides an intuitive interface and detailed description to help you search and order the perfect jewellery to match your needs for all occasions. The brand will delight you with its wide collection of Indian and Silver Jewellery and gratify you with its excellent customer service.


Channelizing their offline revenue as well through online to withstand the pandemic

The coronavirus has impacted all types of businesses worldwide. Businesses that largely depend on their offline retail stores suffered the most as the lockdown restrictions forced them to close. This jewellery brand is no exception. Due to the lockdown measure, all brand's stores had to close. Even after the shops' opening, revenue was a fraction of what it used to be before the pre-pandemic. People are exercising caution and avoid going outside unnecessarily.

To prevent further losses and break away from their dependency on their offline retail stores, the brand revised their strategies with Adyogi. The reason for this move is to increase the revenue from online channels to mitigate the Covid-19 financial crunch. Additionally, realizing how other brands are using the power of social media and other online channels, the brand is looking to make sure that the revenue from online channels occupies a significant share of its revenue base permanently.

Each brand faces challenges, made worse by the pandemic. The brand has only one primary challenge to tackle: how to turn around the loss of revenue due to the pandemic by using the power of online channels like Facebook and Google.


Controlling the Cost per Sale

The unintended benefit of the lockdown is that people spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. With the increase in internet traffic, the cost per mile/cost per thousand impressions or views is bound to be low. In other words, the RoAS will likely be higher due to a high number of website visitors. Taking advantage of this, this jewellery brand set a monthly budget of $500 for online ads. The purpose of the ads is to bring constant traffic to the website. Several Adyogi features played an instrumental role in the brand's Covid-19 success; Cost Cap Campaigns is one example. This feature restricted the cost per sale to $4. This helped keep spending within the allocated budget. Despite restricting the cost per sale to $4, the brand generated a 7X return.

Cost cap

Catalog enhanced Smart Ads

The cost per sale tactic is partially responsible for the significant revenue increase. Adyogi’s Smart Ads Feature was useful in setting up category-wise catalog-linked ads. As this feature automatically updates all ads, this jewellery brand did not need to concern itself with manual updates every time. Due to which, the jewellery brand efficiently targeted its audience with specific categories. The smart ad feature automatically selected ads on the basis of metrics like top sellers, most viewed, and new arrivals.

Smart category product sets

Customized Overlays for each occasion

Each special occasion calls for a unique, creative ad, right? It is something that Adyogi knows all too well. Its Customized Overlay Feature helps create unique ads for each occasion. The benefit is that the brand can target customers more effectively. Running the same ad repeatedly can frustrate customers, causing them to turn to competitors or blocking/muting the brand on online channels. Running unique campaigns also helped the jewellery brand standout from other jewellery brands.

Multi channel marketing

Lastly, this jewellery brand is not focusing on Facebook alone. Google is also a vital contributor to the brand’s online revenue base. Most brands find themselves overburdened with running multiple campaigns on different online channels. With Adyogi, such concerns no longer exist. AdYogi's easy creation of Smart Shopping Campaigns helped the brand optimize all platforms' campaigns from one tool. Thus, the brand was able to save considerable resources while executing its online strategy.

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Reaching milestones like never before

  •  They witnessed a 7X increase irrespective of the pandemic situations. For example, by spending $20,000 on ads, the revenue increase was $140,000.

  • The previous conversion rate was 8.6%. After Adyogi, it is 12%, with an increasing trend since then.

  • They also witnessed an increasing trend in the order value.