Multi-national home appliances brand

Without a proper kitchen, the home feels empty. After all, it is where people cook their favourite meals, engage in playful banter with friends & family. So, it should be equipped with all the right appliances and accessories to provide the best experience possible. KAFF, an international multi-billion-dollar brand, offers an extended range of built-in kitchen appliances and accessories.

The product range includes refrigerators, wine coolers, barbeque grills, and ventilating fans. KAFF offers consumers numerous choices. Apart from the product range, customers can buy their desired products online or through physical stores located in India and European countries.


Targeting the right kind of prospects in spite of the difference in the price range of products

Kitchen appliances and related accessories are usually bought through offline stores. People have been doing this for years, and most prefer the in-store experience. However, times have changed. Online stores are certainly the future and offer numerous benefits. E-commerce stores offering kitchen-related products have sprung up and met with varied success.

The problem is not that people don’t want to buy these products online. The real issue is of finding those people and offering them a platform that is reliable, trustworthy, and rich in quality. Therefore, the main challenge for KAFF was to find people who are ready to buy products of a high price value online. The main goal was to convince them to try KAFF’s products, ranging from $60 to $6000.

Price Magnified



Categorizing the products based on target groups and complimenting features


Adyogi’s Smart Ad Feature helped in creating automated ads without the need for human intervention. This feature enabled creating automated ads based on product pricing where we were able to create different ads based on the price bracket of products. It also played an instrumental role in increasing sales when combined with city-specific campaigns.

Smart ads feature 2 (1)

Every city had a different preference. In certain cities, people were opting for products like ventilation fans, while others ordered built-in dishwashers and ovens. Through the Smart Ad Feature, these cities were targeted with specific ads. KAFF was able to provide customers exactly what they wanted, instead of showing them ads of products they had no interest in. After a short while, KAFF received an increase in orders.

Kitchen accessories are not cheap. Additionally, when a brand does not compromise on quality, the costs can quickly increase. To convince customers to buy high-value products, KAFF needed to reach them at least 5 to 6 times through ads on different channels. The best way to do so was through an extensive retargeting campaign. AdYogi’s dynamic retargeting feature allowed KAFF to connect with potential customers on numerous other platforms. This had two effects.

Firstly, the website traffic saw a considerable increase, helping with brand awareness. Secondly, more visitors browsed through different products. KAFF witnessed an increase in sales across all product ranges, especially high-value ones. It showed that the campaign had the desired impacts, i.e. it motivated customers into purchasing products.

Promotions during festivities and discount coupons for loyal customers further helped increase sales. Promotional activity during festivals and discount coupons also increased brand awareness. There was organic growth in searches for KAFF on platforms like Google and Facebook.


650% revenue growth in 6 months

Numbers matter more than words. Through Adyogi, KAFF experienced remarkable growth in sales. Adyogi helped KAFF scale to new heights in terms of sales.

Sales Increase = $26,000 to $170,000. No doubt that the growth in sales is a tremendous achievement. However, the most significant achievement is that the increase was done over just 6 months! With Adyogi, KAFF managed an almost 650% growth in only 6 months.