A Luxurious Women's Clothing Brand

Mulmul, a redefining affordable luxury started as an online women clothing store in 2018 has now opened multiple offline stores in major Indian cities was inspired by the bold and beautiful Indian women. Mulmul brought to life Indian treasured heirloom in form of happy, breathable ethnic wear which became trendsetters. With designs rooted in Indian culture their intricate embroidery, softest cotton and laces showcase love for the nation. By believing in quality as the only investment Mulmul captured India in its full heart and form. Mulmul through its craft not only empowered local women and markets but also wanted to make the heart and soul of its customers happy.


Building a Loyal Customer Base for a New Brand with a $150 Minimum Spend

The Indian apparel industry is characterized by a high level of competition. There are so many reputable brands that it becomes quite challenging for any brand to carve out a market share and earn a profit. It is even more difficult to win a place among the consumers who do not compromise on style or quality. Thus, clothing brands always need to be on their toes. This is where Mulmul comes in. The brand came up with a new product line of Kurtas, Pajamas and other women apparel with a minimum value of $150. Therefore, one thing was quite clear from the start. The target market was different from before. Now, the focus was on customers who not only preferred premium clothes but also had the money to back their expensive taste. After all, not everyone can spend $150 on clothing.

The main challenges which the Mulmul team had to tackle can be summed up as:

  • Finding the target market of people willing to spend at least $150 on Mulmul apparel.

  • Managing the high CPM rate to ensure that the marketing costs do not go over budget.

  • Converting the traffic into leads & customers.


Targeting the Right Audience to increase CTR and Sales of Premium Products

The first challenge was to determine the target market as there was no point in opting for a generic target market. Mulmul had to target women that had interest in branded clothes and the ability to pay a minimum of $150. By using the Adyogi Self Service Platform, the target market was narrowed down to 478 cities. Now, it was time to move ahead and launch the initial campaign.

As mentioned in the challenges, the CPM rate is quite high for the apparel industry. When the target market was narrowed down, naturally, the CPM would increase further. But the Adyogi platform was up for the challenge. By using the Adyogi Creative Studio Platform, the team designed images of celebrities donning Mulmul apparel. This helped improve the Click Through Rate (CTR) & reduce the overall costs. The strategic placements of the ads on Instagram and Facebook further helped the campaign.


New Project (33)


Realizing that there was a great response to the initial campaign, our team came up with short video ads. Mulmul relied on its own videos and with Adyogi’s Video Creator Tool, we managed to add a more personalized, professional touch. With the help of Adyogi, the Mulmul team achieved much more than engagement and brand awareness – the campaign was highly successful in terms of conversions. The conversions were more than what the team had originally planned. The narrowing down of the target market, use of smart visuals, their strategic placement combined with new launches helped make the campaign ‘highly successful’. All this was made possible by Adyogi’s Self Service Platform & our team’s hard work.

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Maximizing Website Traffic and Sales with a 7X RoAS.

  • Mulmul Website Traffic à Increase by 157%
  • Mulmul New Product (At least $150) Sales = 43%
  • Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) = 7X (Spending $1 resulted in a sale of $5)*
  • Increase in conversion rate = 76%
  • Increase in CTR = 83%

*Actual amount is withheld due to privacy and confidentiality purposes.