An online store for Baby items

Mamma Mia is an online store that offers the fundamental  prerequisites of baby and the accessories items. it has vast accumulations for infants and kids under various age gathering..


Increase more impression for new born baby products

Creating more impressions and driving various lookalike customers who is willing to buy dresses and accessories for new born babies


Used Budget Optimization feature of AdYogi and drove custom ads for increasing  website traffic

  • Using the Budget Optimization feature of AdYogi, major amount was spent on Facebook as compared to Instagram since Facebook gained higher returns
  • Dynamic Retargeting the customers who had added the products to the cart but did not purchase the same resulted in High conversion rate
  • Custom ads were created for the product which had special offers increased the traffic of the site


 5.5x hike in ROI and 5.36% in CTR

We were able to drive a CTR of 5.36% in the very first month of the campaign and an ROI of 550% in the first 2 months.