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      Premium luggage brand

      Nasher Miles is a brand that specializes in providing a wide variety of travel products including backpacks, duffel bags, luggage, and other accessories. The brand is dedicated to offering practical, fashionable, and high-quality products that meet the needs of travelers. The brand name "Nasher Miles" signifies the importance of every mile of a traveler's journey and promises to bring authentic travel experiences to the world.


      The brand approached AdYogi to scale it's sales 2x efficiently on Amazon store while maintaining a healthy organic sales contribution.

      • Increasing brand visibility and traffic while ensuring sustained returns
      • Reducing dependency on just a few ASINs to drive overall sales
      • Increasing new and repeat customer base on the platform


      Following a Custom Funnel Based Approach 

      Leveraged AdYogi’s customized full funnel advertising approach for Amazon to reach out to shoppers throughout their shopping journey through all campaign and targeting formats  




      Optimizing Top of Funnel:

      Budget Allocation- 20% | Key Metrics- CTR, GVs, SOV

      • Structured SB campaigns to land on a the page with top-selling and highest rated ASINs (> 4 stars). This resulted in 11% jump in CTR from April to December
      • Used automatic targeting for SP campaigns to identify the right mix of keywords & products
      • Utilized SD’s contextual targeting techniques to influence customers during their browsing & discovery phase
      • Used AdYogi’s customized dashboard for Product rotation to identify products resulting in leakage of spends.

      Optimizing Middle of Funnel:

      Budget Allocation- 50% | Key Metrics- CVR%, Orders

      • Competitor products were targeted to gain additional market share and increase order volume.
      • keyword research tools like Pi and helium 10 were used to identify keywords
      • Placement bids for product detail pages were increased to ensure visibility on relevant placements
      • New collections were promoted every month to identify hero collections and maintain product ranks for those ASINs



      Optimizing Bottom of Funnel:

      Budget Allocation- 30% | Key Metrics- ROAS

      • Selected campaign formats & budget- SP (50%), SB (Image & Video) (30%), SD (20%)
      • Brand ASINs were also targeted to cover all PDPs with the brand to avoid leakage of sales.
      • Higher visibility to higher AOV ASINs was achieved by upsell campaigns.
      • Brand keywords were targeted to run defensive campaigns and occupy placements in order to get lowest CAC
      • Pausing products which have clicks >= 50 & orders = 0 taking the duration of the last 7 days.


      Successful execution of launch strategy helped increase sales and new to brand orders by 200% 

      • 200% increase in glance views 
      • 171% Increase in brand’s Share of Voice (SOV)
      • 160% Increase in website Indexed Customers
      • 150% Increase in ROAS trend
      • 120% Increase in Indexed Brand Recall Search Trend
      • 11% Jump in CTR from April to December