A Women's Fashion Brand

Polago Clothing is a fast growing unichannel D2C women's fashion label. They offer limited-edition designs that present chic and affordable options for luxury women’s apparel. They have an online presence that delivers their product PAN India.

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Difficulty finding the right consumer base

The challenge of identifying the ideal audience for the western dress category proved to be a daunting task for the brand. With so many potential customers to consider, it was difficult to narrow down the target consumer base. The product had a niche demand, and the right strategy had to be found to market the product.

Low Brand Visibility

The brand had low TOF audience, and there was a need to widen the consumer base and increase brand awareness and visibility with a strong focus on ‘direct-to-consumer’ channels through their own website.



Optimised targeting to increase customer base.

  • Audience targeting was made easy with Adyogi Platform’s preset audience set. Women within the Age group 18-55 who are interested in casual, comfortable fit, trendy western wear, were targeted.
  • The brand had a decent Instagram follow count. Adyogi initially made use of their lookalike audience and it boosted their performance to a different level.
  • Geographical targeting was also used to target only PAN India.



Category campaigns to promote the right set of products.

  • Polago being an all-category women-centric brand wanted to promote its best-selling category i.e MAXI.
  • Adyogi's platform identified the best selling products and created category specific campaigns that pushed into the top-selling category.
  • This campaign helped promote the right category and increased website traffic.


Automations to reduce Acquisition costs 

  1. Automatic budget optimization feature was used to analyze and compare the performance of the campaigns from the past 7 days. 

  2. Budget was automatically increased by 10% for better performing campaigns which helped reduce acquisition costs.



The revenue of the brand increased by 1000% since they onboarded.

  • 528% increase in average monthly orders
  • 28% repeat customer rate established. 
  • 2.3X Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) established while efficiently scaling revenue.