An online store for women's garments

Posh Affair is an ecommerce portal for affordable women apparels and accessories. It offers a very wide range of women western and traditional garments.


Increase sales by driving more website traffic

Drive online sales for a Luxury Women Apparel brand by driving relevant traffic to their website.


Executed various methods for increrase sales 

  •  Reduced cost: Adyogi helped Posh Affair to improve its relevance score to 9.7, which reduced the cost per Impression, thereby reaching out to its potential audience at a lower cost
  • Auto-sync ads: Our feature of auto-syncing the client website's product catalog with the Facebook ads ensured that the Out of Stock' and 'New Arrivals are updated regularly on a daily basis, which reduced the user attrition due to non-availability of product
  • Dynamic remarketing: Posh Affair was able to show its website visitors the ads of those products that they had looked for earlier on the website, which had a drastic effect on the conversion rates


10x hike in ROI

Posh Affair's revenue jumped from $1500 to $20000 within 6 months of joining Adiyogi. They were also able to clock 10x ROI month on month consistently