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      Style, Quality, and Value: This Apparel Brand Has It All

      The American fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, famously remarked, “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Undoubtedly, this one sentence captures the essence of wearing the right clothes. Keeping in mind the importance of clothes in peoples’ lives, a few brilliant minds came up with the idea of ‘House of Rare’. It is a clothing brand that offers men and women a chance to buy urban and contemporary clothes. But how does a brand like 'The House of Rare' fit in when there are so many brands already in the market? The answer lies in the apparel.

      Here are a few features of the brand

      • Low AOV
      • No offline presence
      • 80% revenue from marketplaces
      • Catalog size of 15000 products


      Scaling THoR's Rare Rabbit Section with Speed to maximize Profits

      Despite its success and fast growth, it can be challenging for a brand to establish a market share in a highly competitive industry. THoR’s main concern was to improve the sales of their men’s ‘Rare Rabbit’ line in a short period. After carefully considering their options, The House of Rare approached Adyogi. The goal was to rapidly scale the Rare Rabbit section of the THoR brand and ensure a profitable return.



      Utilized a combination of different AdYogi features to scale efficiently and reducing manual efforts simultaneouly

       To meet the objectives, THoR utilized different Adyogi features. Firstly, we suggested them to split the ad accounts of the men and women categories. It was done to ensure that the focus remains on the men's category alone as it is the intended target. The second thing was to include the prices of all the products in all the ads. It will give the target audience a clear idea of what types of products THoR offers and their pricing. Including the price helped bring only people with real purchasing intent to the website. Visitors without the means to buy the items stay away as prices are already in the ads.

      Untitled design (14)

      Adyogi’s Dashboard automatically picks up the product prices from the website’s catalogue. So, when there is a price drop or sales event, no human intervention is required as the Dashboard automatically picks up the prices. This ensures a seamless buying experience for the customers and minimal manual effort.

      Another feature that was instrumental in meeting the desired objectives was Adyogi’s Budget Optimizer feature. The budget for successful campaigns was automatically increased while reducing it for less successful ones. How? The Optimizer uses smart rules such as which campaign results in increased revenue or which target market is more successful. The Adyogi Smart Ad feature helped the THoR team run smart ads using metrics like discounted products, most viewed, new arrivals, and top sellers in different categories. It helped increase the sales as it showed popular products to the audience. The feature also saved the effort to update the ads manually.

      Smart category product sets


      Achieving 5x Revenue Growth in Just 2 Months

      • The revenue from ads for Rare Rabbit increased 5 times within a span of two months (actual data is being withheld) 

      • ROAS was maintained at 4x. Which means for every spend of $1, they received a return of $4

      • Paid website traffic increased by 74% whereas organic traffic saw a rise of 34%

      • The Bounce rate on the website dropped by 34%

      • CPM rate reduced by 30%