An Equestrian brand

Horses have played an important role in man’s life throughout history. Whether it is riding into battle or traveling from one place to another, people have always relied on horses. These beautiful, mesmerizing creatures are known for their beauty & loyalty. ‘Tack of the Day’ was founded out of love & passion for horses. The company offers equestrian, i.e., horse related products. That means if you need a turnout blanket for your pony, fleece bandages, or bridles, Tack is a reliable & trustworthy option. But that’s not all. The company has much to give to the rider & horse owner as well. If you are on the lookout for a quality yet traditional style shadbelly, horse ware gloves, or riding tights, Tack provides them at reasonable rates. Tack offers almost a thousand products. So, head to their website for further information & fantastic deals.


Finding the right target audience

Everyone loves horses, but not everyone owns one or is a fan of horse riding. Additionally, Tack’s products are suitable for hobbyists & amateur horse riders. Professionals have much more demanding needs that can only be met with customized & highly skilled products. Moreover, A quick review of Tack’s website reveals that most products are geared towards women. So, the main challenge was to identify a niche market of horse-riding lovers, especially women. The significant challenges can be summed up as:

  • Finding a niche target market of horse riders & owners.
  • Finding a niche target market of women that own horses & regularly engage in horse riding.
  • Ensuring a good ROAS.
  • Improve Brand Recognition


Selecting the right target audience with a strategy to increase overall CTR resulting in high sales of premium products.

One of the first steps in executing a marketing campaign is deciding which channels will be utilized. The decision is based on factors like budget, intended reach, and campaign objectives. Facebook was selected with Adyogi’s help due to the type of products being sold. Adyogi's Catalog Linked Ads were run on the platform. The purpose was to increase conversions & to target the audience with the best products available.

Out of stock products are automatically removed from ads, meaning only ads of available products are shown to the target market. Therefore, there is no chance of a consumer being offered a product that is no longer available, a proven irritant. To ensure a good ROAS, low-value products were excluded from Smart Ads by applying a filter.

Adyogi certainly made things more comfortable with its ‘Defined Adset' feature that uses the same target market for different campaigns. It was instrumental in reducing the time & effort to run parallel campaigns. In addition to this, Adyogi’s Automatic Budget Optimizer helped save money & ensure that the intended ROAS was being achieved & other campaign objectives.




The highlight of this feature is that it assesses which campaign performs according to & better than expectations. The built-in AI automatically increases the budget for that campaign while reducing the funds for others performing less than satisfactorily. This feature reduces the need for constant viewing of reports & interventions. Adyogi’s Budget Optimizer was beneficial in maximizing the returns on successful campaigns.

Adyogi’s Insights Section was quite convenient as it helped Tack take a bird’s eye view of everything that was going on. Acting as the control unit of the entire campaign, this section helped in decision-making as all vital marketing-related metrics were displayed upfront. Critical decisions regarding the campaigns could quickly be taken with the help of the data being shown.



Increased Brand recognition and sales while keeping the RoAS at  10X

With Adyogi’s automation, Tack was able to achieve unparalleled results.

  • Organic Traffic to Website = Increase of 23%
  • Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) = 10X
  • Within 3 months, there was an increase of 3X in ad spending. Throughout this period, the RoAS was at 10X.
  • Products Sold = Increase of 54%
  • Brand Recognition = Facebook Mentions Increased by 31%