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      'Made in India' products sold across countries

      Trendia is a leading marketplace that sells ‘made in India’ products worldwide. So, instead of waiting for someone to bring you your favourite Indian products or using expensive delivery channels, go for Trendia. They offer various products across different niches, including apparel, food, healthcare, and jewellery. The best thing about them is that they are not confined to a niche market segment. They cater to a variety of interests, making them a one-stop platform for all things Indian. Even if you don’t have Indian roots, you can find countless products like handbags, accessories, and apparel that might interest you. It is currently offering services in multiple countries, including the US and Canada.


      trendia cover image


      Extremely high CPMs with non-desirable conversion rates.

      Setting up a business is easy. The real challenge is to ensure that it is sustainable and profitable. Every business faces a unique challenge, and Trendia is no exception. As the company targeted Indian expatriates living abroad, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) was too high. It accounted for a big chunk of the marketing budget. One might accept a higher CPM cost if the conversion rate was meeting the requirements. Again, that was not the case with Trendia. Both CPM and conversion rates were unsustainable. So, the challenge was to develop a marketing strategy that helped reduce the CPM and increase the conversion rate.


      Priced all the products on the website in USD

      All products on Trendia are offered in USD, which helped execute market campaigns across different countries without any hurdles. Instead of focusing on specific countries, Adyogi responded by increasing the target market across countries. The purpose of this was to increase the target market’s size and improve the conversion rate. We focused specifically on areas with a high number of Indian expatriates.


      Used combinations of AdYogi's features to reduce efforts and increase efficiency

      Two Adyogi features played an instrumental role in streamlining the ads and ensuring they ran without a hitch – Smart Ads Creation and Auto AdText Updation. They allowed for the auto-updating of the ads without any human intervention.

      Smart ads are the catalog linked ads that enabled Trendia in refreshing its products on the ads automatically. They used a combination of website categories and AdYogi’s curated catalog optimized categories. This ensured new products on ads at frequent intervals effortlessly.

      The auto-ad text rotation feature updates the ad text of the ads on equal intervals. This way, the ad is refreshed without affecting the learning phase of Facebook. 


      Instead of running customized ads, the Smart Ads Creation turned to Catalog Linked Ads. Such a strategy is associated with better retargeting and prospecting. It also helps save time as the information can be added and managed in bulk. For instance, there is no need to upload pictures, resize them, or remove out of stock products from ads. Adyogi’s Smart Ads Creation Feature does all this automatically. Running customized ads for individual products wouldn't be beneficial as they would not generate the same consumer interest compared to catalog ads.


      Free shipping on minimum order value

      There was another change in strategy. Instead of charging a flat shipping fee, Trendia started offering free shipping on all orders above $49. Attracted by this offer, customers started placing orders upwards of $49. Lastly, category-linked ads campaigns helped increase the brand's visibility and reduce the website’s bounce rate. Customers spent more time browsing through the different products in each category. Combined with the free shipping offer on orders above $49 and retargeting, Trendia saw an increase in sales.


      1000% increase in daily revenue within a span of three months.

      • The average customer order value increased from $20 to $60. The free shipping offer is partly to be credited for this rise.

      • The Return on Ad Spend reached 6X in the initial month itself after which we witnessed a steep upward trend.

      • Increase in organic website traffic by 24%.

      • Increase in product-related queries by 16%.

      • Increased follows on social media pages.