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      A luxury unisex footwear brand

      Tresmode, launched in 2007 delivers great style and luxury in the form of chic and dashing footwear and accessories. Combining exceptional quality with classy designs and a contemporary approach they aim to deliver an experience of lifestyle rather than the product alone. With the help of expertise they design fashionable products on a global level that add to the customers rather than define them. This makes them feel confident, stylish and instilling a sense of joy in them. They want their customers to flaunt it with elegance and ease.


      How to increase sales of non-discounted products

      Tresmode’s high standards of custom creatives , frequent updation of ads and running constant offers fetched them high percentage of order dominating its discounted products market. Tresmode discovered that its full price products were overlooked because of the offers running on discounted products.Tresmode turned its eyes and focused their strategies on its fresh stock, full pried products and made sure that their customers knew about those products. Tresmode picked up separate ad strategies and set targets to increase the conversion rate of its full priced products in the market by creating awareness about those products amongst audience with a high end lifestyle.


      Creating marketing strategy by implementing various ad formats to increase the performance of non-discounted products.

      Adyogi’s campaign for the brand strategically targeted high-level and style-savvy people. Initially, same advertisement campaign was run for both discounted and non-discounted products. Tresmode’s discounted products had high returns and non-discounted products had low returns. To increase returns of the non-discounted products for men and women, AdYogi’s catalog ad campaign was put in force. This campaign focused on customers who travel abroad and who had high taste of fashion to make sure that the audience will commit to buy. Which ensured good funnel quality and conversion rates.

      Adyogi used Dynamic ads to retarget audience by showing ads of relevant products to people who may have visited the website.


      Adyogi’s creative studio used custom creative such as photo shoot creative, story ads, and newsfeed stories and launched these ad solutions on Facebook. The ads were updated by reflecting changes in the custom audience from their feed in real-time. This allowed the team to persuade its potential buyers and furthermore increase the percentage of returns on non-discounted products.

      Single Product Video

      Tresmode combined their creative with Adyogi’s strikethrough overlays to increase the CTR and retain their Add to Cart dropouts. Adyogi’s brand overlay was also used to build brand remembrance amongst its audience.

      New Project (35)

      This setup allowed Tresmode to get a better advantage in the ad campaign. And helped to maintain their marketing stability and increase the growth of their products under all categories.


      Marketing efficiency and ROAS success.

      • Tresmode Boosts Marketing Revenue by 6x
      • And significantly engaging audience with its creative boosted ROAS by 10x.
      • Tresmode was able to maintain better CTR than the industry average.

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