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      International Fashion Brand

      U.S. Polo Assn. is a worldwide clothing brand celebrated for its timeless American fashion, providing budget-friendly casual wear for men, women, and children. Operating both online and in physical stores across many countries, the brand offers a diverse catalog of 600 products. Here are a few characteristics of the brand for your understanding:


      Lack of product and category level insights

      U.S. Polo Assn. has a wide catalog. The challenge in generating product and category level insights prevented them from focusing on the profitable products.

      Low website traffic and awareness

      Although the brand has a strong retail presence globally, to better its position in the UK market it needed a cost-effective and digital channels-focused strategy.

      Inefficient budget allocation

      The brand was highly dependent on just Google as Ads channel. In order to scale the order volume, exploring more platforms was needed.

      Unoptimized feeds for catalog-linked ads

      With feeds containing 600+ products, it became crucial to customize product details, images etc as per separate ad platforms to run high-CTR% ads.


      Product Performance Management

      1. Adyogi’s Product Analytics provided insights into the performance of each product.
      2. Identified 14% ad spends going into non-performing products and re-routed into top products.
      3. Identified Top-performing categories and created campaigns accordingly. For example, Polos & Sweatshirts.
      4. Identification of best-sellers helped in launching high-converting ads
      5. Predicted the next best-selling products using the Product Matrix


      Introducing new channels and turning them profitable

      1. Piloted the Meta campaigns to efficiently scale up the brand during site-wide Flash Sale.
      2. Built the top-line with Meta thereby increasing new user acquisition by 70%
      3. Used Advantage + campaign to scale up the brand in the UK region
      4. Leveraged YouTube campaigns to increase the top funnel audience
      5. An efficient CPS of £9 was achieved after setting up Meta campaigns


      Full-funnel strategy for maximum conversions

      1. Traffic-optimized Meta campaigns were utilized to bring new audiences to the website - a 70% uptick in new user sessions
      2. Customer match lists in Google Ads were used to retarget offline customers of U.S. Polo. Assn. physical outlets
      3. Pre-sale Lead generation campaign with “Get Early access to Black Friday Sale” messaging helped in increasing Top Funnel reach
      4. Paid advertising was coupled with organic, SEO and social media activation to retarget users through Meta and Google Ads


      The revenue from the Brand's website was improved by 5X within 3 months!!

      • Revenue increased to 5x within 3 months.
      • The website traffic is increased by 114%
      • New channels of paid marketing helped in user acquisition, and they acquired 70% new users.
      • Jump in order volume generated by 4x from the website in 3 months.