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      Custom- Fashion Brand

      Bombay Shirt Company is a clothing brand known to be the first online custom shirt brand in India. Operating both online and in physical stores across India, the brand offers a diverse range of 500+ products.


      Lack of product and category level insights

      Bombay Shirt Company has a wide range of products. The challenge in generating product and category-level insights prevented them from focusing on products profitable for them.

      Significantly low page views on 200+ SKUs

      200+ SKUs were categorized as Less Discoverable or Zombie products because of a skewed distribution of ad spends across the entire catalog. There was a need to identify the right products to promote in catalog0 ads on Meta and Google.

      Inefficient budget allocation

      The brand was highly dependent on Meta as an Ads channel. To scale the order volume, exploring more platforms was needed along with an efficient allocation of ad spends across the catalog of products.


      Product Performance Management

      1. Adyogi’s Product Analytics provided insights into the performance of each product and category.
      2. Identified Top-performing categories (White Shirts and Business Shirts) and created campaigns accordingly.
      3. For example - a catalog-linked ad showing only Business Shirts yielded 33% higher ROAS than generic ads.
      4. Predicted the next best-selling products using the Product Performance Quadrant (next slide) and promoted them on Meta and Google.
      5. Saved up to 30% of ad spends getting wasted on poor-performing products.


      Adyogi’s Customizable Product Sets

      1. Adyogi’s seamless Product Set creation allowed Bombay Shirt Company to promote high convertible products out of the Less Dicoverable quadrant (Bottom Left quadrant)
      2. This helped the brand give enough ad spends to products that are profitable but did not get enough traction due to limitations in Meta and Google ads algorithms.
      3. As a result, 61% higher ROAS was recorded from such ads compared to other catalog ads without any customizations.
      4. Similarly, Performance Max campaigns were created on Google to push Less Discoverable categories such as Bottomwear (34% better ROAS than other Pmax campaigns)

      Optimization of Google Campaigns

      1. Google Search campaigns were bifurcated to focus on Exact match and Phrase match keywords separately. This led to an increase in Impression Share by 10%
      2. Adyogi helped the brand set up Performance Max Ads using the Google Merchant Centre Feed to give visibility to all products.
      3. Product titles optimization: Keywords were added based on occasion such as formal, casual etc., colour, style, and fabric (linen, denim, corduroy).
      4. These strategies led to a whooping increase in orders by 3x in Q3- 2023 compared to Q2, and an overall ROAS of 5x was recorded in Dec’23 from Google Ads.


      The revenue from the Brand's website was improved by 42% within 4 months!!

      • Adyogi's stop loss automation saved ad spends by 10% within the first month of onboarding

      • Return on Ad spends increased to 5x which was relatively a new channel for the brand.

      • All ads strategies collectively contributed to a 35% increase in new customers acquired

      • Focused spending on high-converting products improved overall website performance


        Focused spending on high-converting products increased the no. of Hero Products by 3x and improved overall website performance