eCommerce strategies to tackle COVID-19 crisis

AdYogi and Wigzo bring to you this webinar where Anshuk Aggarwal (CEO & Co-founder, AdYogi) and Umair Mohammad (Founder and CEO at Wigzo Technologies) will provide you insights on the Best strategies to be followed for eCommerce businesses during COVID-19 crisis".

  • Learn how to tackle your eCommerce business during COVID 
  • A deeper analysis of business and orders to focus only on the most profitable orders.
  • Focusing on lead and list building, for now, to sell them later when the crisis opens up.
  • Communication strategy amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Advanced Insights on E-commerce Sales Funnel and recommendations to great conversion rates.
  • Digital Ads strategies to optimize efficiently during COVID crisis.
  • Picking the right campaign type(s) to maximize sales.
  • Defining target audience to drive relevant people to the website.

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