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      Decoding Adyogi Platform 6th Edition

      AdYogi is a SaaS platform that provides advertising solutions for eCommerce businesses.

      Unlocking Success: Mastering Amazon's Great Indian Festival

      Your Ultimate Toolkit For A Successful Great India Festival

      Decoding Adyogi Platform 5th Edition

      AdYogi is a SaaS platform that provides advertising solutions for eCommerce businesses.

      Decoding Adyogi Platform 4th Edition

      AdYogi is a SaaS platform that provides advertising solutions for eCommerce businesses. Here are some key developments on the AdYogi platform:

      AdYogi X Shopify session on leveraging Rakhi festival to drive sales"

      Some great key features discussed by Anshuk Aggarwal on driving sales this Rakshbandhan 2023

      Driving Profitability and Retention

      Customer acquisition costs are up 222% in 2023. Clearly, now is the time for brands to double down on strategies that drive retention, protect profit margins, drive incremental revenue and increase CLV. 

      Scaling website revenue Profitably and Reducing acquisition costs

      The eCommerce market in the UK awaits a huge opportunity to move beyond key profitability barriers like rising cost of acquisition, increased shipping costs, and hefty agency charges.

      Maximizing Marketplace Success

      Adyogi along with ODN have come up with a 1-hour long webinar-cum-workshop where we'll walk you through the basics of getting started on your marketplace journey, and improving your existing marketplace listing and promotion strategy.

      Decoding Adyogi Platform - 3rd Edition

      AdYogi is a SaaS platform that provides advertising solutions for eCommerce businesses.

      Decoding Adyogi Platform 2nd Edition

      AdYogi is a SaaS platform that provides advertising solutions for eCommerce businesses.

      Decoding Adyogi Platform 1st Edition

      AdYogi is a SaaS platform that provides advertising solutions for eCommerce businesses.

      How to leverage events to scale your DTC brands with Shopify

      In this webinar, we will explore how events can be leveraged to scale your Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand. We'll begin by discussing the benefits of using events as part of your overall marketing strategy. Events provide a unique opportunity to create personalized experiences for your customers and to build a strong brand community.

      Scaling eCommerce Business with Cross-Border Marketing with Shopify

      In this webinar, we will discuss how to scale your eCommerce business using cross-border marketing strategies. We'll begin by introducing the concept of cross-border marketing and why it's important for eCommerce businesses. 

      Headless eCommerce + Growth Marketing = Higher Conversion Rate

      There’s cutthroat competition in the eCommerce market, and all retailers and brands are leaving no stone unturned to get a higher conversion rate.

      How to scale your E-Commerce business with Youtube Ads

      Youtube as a platform has high potential in any ecommerce marketing strategy. All the best practices to create an impactful Youtube ad in this webinar will be revealed.

      TikTok - eCommerce entreprenuer's next emerging "Hero"

      AdYogi in collaboration with TikTok brings to you this insightful session on "How TikTok can be your next emerging hero for paid advertising".

      Leveraging Amazon Ads to Grow Business in US

      Amazon is the largest eCommerce marketplace in the United States, and it’s the go-to site for millions of shoppers. In fact, according to Statista, Amazon has an estimated 41.5 million unique visitors per month.

      Successful International business with SHOPIFY!

      The growth in the DTC sector has been phenomenal over the past few years. DTC brands have worked hard to scale their business from the local to the national level.

      Scaling eCommerce brands with Google Platform

      Google has a lot of great tools that you can use to grow your business, and in this webinar we'll dive into how you can use these tools to help you scale your ecommerce business. You will also learn how to utilize Google's platform for your ecommerce business.

      Scaling eCommerce brands with Meta Platform

      This video will teach you how to scale your ecommerce business with a meta platform. We’ll discuss what meta platforms are, how to choose the right one for your business, and the benefits of using a meta platform for your business.

      Shopify X Adyogi -Key marketing metrics for profitable growth

      In this webinar, you'll learn about the 6 MECEs metrics that drive eCommerce growth and the best practices for each metric to as much as 4x your returns!

      The relationship between RTOs and ROAS

      Did you know RTOs (returned to origin orders) tend to increase up to 40% during the festive season? With the FESTIVE-SALE days nearing us, you must prepare in advance. Watch this to know "how"

      How D2C brands are overcoming the challenges of Logistics and Marketing 

      Over 53% of retailers say delivery and logistics still pose a “significant” challenge for their business in 2022.
      Curious to find the fix for it ....

      Unlocking Indian eCommerce opportunities with UK India Business Council

      Dissect where the eCommerce industry is headed in India and how you as a brand can position yourself at the TOP!

      Checkout marketing strategy to increase conversions and reduce RTOs

      Join AdYogi and GoKwik for this live interactive session to uncover the checkout infrastructure used by the TOP of eCommerce brands....

      The 3 essential pillars to build a successful eCommerce Business

      Hosting industry experts to talk about the essentials to build a successful eCommerce business

      Is D2C eCommerce the next poster child of Indian Retail?

      An insightful panel discussion on the changes in working models of Indian retail industry along with the near and far future of eCommerce

      eCommerce marketing strategies

      Bulletproof eCommerce marketing strategies that helped Amydus achieve 89% revenue growth.

      Scale eCommerce using Google ads

      Choosing the right platform based on your products. Scaling your eCommerce using different google platforms.

      Making eCommerce selling simplified

      Things eCommerce players can use to sell easier on eCommerce and get optimal revenue.

      Handy Festive season Hacks

      Festive hacks that all eCommerce players should have access to for optimal and desired returns.

      How to Scale Brand store using Social Ads

      Different aspects of marketing on Google and Facebook for eCommerce stores to scale the complete sales funnel

      AdYogi festive webinar 2020

      Know how to convert your high traffic to high profits during the festive season. Get hacks on tackling this festive season with the AdYogi tool. 

      How to get your first 100 sales on your shopify store

      Get to know strategies that can help fetch your first 100 sales on your shopify store with AdYogi.

      Learning for a profitable customer Acquisition

      An insightful session to scale your business efficiently.

      How to scale brand store using social Ads

      Learn how to use social media ads to increase the efficiency of your online store.

      How to get your 1st 100 sales on your eCommerce website

      Know the strategies and insights on "How to get first 100 sales for your e-commerce store and scale further"with AdYogi.

      How to adapt to the new retail and digital era

      Know the insights regarding "How to adapt to the new Retail & Digital post COVID-19" with AdYogi and Green Honchos.

      eCommerce strategies to tackle COVID-19 crisis | Wigzo

      Lear the strategies to be followed for eCommerce businesses during COVID-19 crisis with AdYogi and Wigzo.

      Strategies to scale online sales during Festives | Shopify Gold

      Learn the best strategies for optimizing Facebook and Google Ads during the festive session, in order to stay ahead of competition.

      Fundraising in the new normal

       Financial inclusion in the digital era is a must, especially for eCommerce entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur looking for ways to fund-raise in the new normal, here's how you can do it ....

      Strategies to prepare Ecommerce buisnesses for post COVID era | Shipway

      Know the insights on "How to prepare your eCommerce business for the post COVID era"with AdYogi and Shipway.

      Ecommerce practice to tackle COVID-19

      Learn how to handle the situation in hand on the paid marketing strategies during this shifting global health crisis with AdYogi.

      Grow eCommerce sales profitably | Razorpay

      Learn the best strategies from AdYogi & Razorpay on how to reduce overall RTO losses and scale digital ads for your eCommerce business.

      Digital Marketing Strategies to grow your Webstore Business | Payoneer

      Learn the best strategies that can be implemented to grow your eCommerce business with AdYogi & Payoneer.

      How to scale your eCommerce brand Profitably | Vinculum

      Learn a few proven strategies and business combinations which have worked for a lot of brands with AdYogi.

      Google Ads Strategies to scale your Ecommerce | Google

      Learn how to use Google Ads in each stage of online buyers journey to attract and generate sales, thereby scaling your own brand store.

      The ultimate digital marketing masterclass for ecommerce businesses

      In this session, we won't just simplify digital marketing, but also help you dissect cost-effective marketing strategies and conversion concerns.

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