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      Black Friday Sale Strategy: UK-based Clothing Brand Grew 10x with Adyogi

      Black Friday is a major cultural and economic event that has become a significant opportunity for ecommerce brands. In the past 5 years, this day has changed the way e-commerce brands do business. One great example is Adyogi's UK-based official sports-wear client that generated over £230K revenue from their website alone at a 10x Ad ROI during Black Friday 2023. The brand's online visibility and sales also went through the roof after it strategically adopted Adyogi's Black Friday sale strategies like ABO, Stop Loss Product, etc. 


      Let's look at how this partnership made a normal shopping day into a success for this clothing brand. In this blog we’ll walk you through the key strategies that we used to achieve these numbers for this brand.


      A successful eCommerce Black Friday Sale Strategy 

      The brand began their Black Friday sale event on November 17th and kept the shopping going until November 28th. Let's figure out what made the brand so successful by breaking down the main strategies it used. Each of these played a key role in the sales going through the roof.


      1. Discounting

      The brand used a smart sale strategy by offering tempting discounts. They advertised "Upto 50% Off" deals on 90% of their stock, with a focus on popular items like hoodies and joggers. 

      To make sure there was plenty of stock before the sale, they put together appealing sets like "Sweatshirts & Joggers @ £50" and "T-shirts & Jeans @ £45." This smart pricing strategy not only brought in customers, but it also increased sales by cleverly bundling popular things.

      2. Pre-buzz Strategy

      • They also used a smart Pre-buzz Strategy to make their Black Friday success even bigger. A week before the sale, they started a campaign called "Lead Generation." 
      • By giving potential buyers "early access," they got useful lead information. Using this information, they set up a paid remarketing effort to make sure that those leads got messages at the right time. 
      • At the same time, Traffic & Landing Page View as well as Demand Generation campaigns were launched to boost daily website sessions. 
      • By coordinating a smooth mix of lead generation and targeted campaigns, the brand not only built excitement with a pre-buzz, but also carefully increased engagement.

      3. Sale Strategies

      • They carefully added a feature to stop product loss by making strict checks on session and sale rates. The brand significantly upped their advertising game, doubling their spending from £700 to £1400 across Meta and Google platforms. 
      • Capitalized on the Middle funnel campaigns like Traffic, ATC, DemandGen, YouTube, Non-Brand Search, and DSA. And focused on promoting top-performing categories like sweatshirts, jumpers with specific prospect campaigns
      • Furthermore, to create a sense of urgency, they strategically employed email marketing and leveraged their social media presence to broadcast 'Ending Soon' notifications in the final days, supplementing these efforts with paid campaigns. 
      • They scaled up winter wear-specific prospect campaigns, with a heightened focus on the men's collection due to high inventory and discounted products. 
      • Beyond that, parents and women over 26 were specifically targeted in the baby and kids clothing categories, making the BFCM strategy complete and successful.

       4. Adyogi features that helped the brand grow revenue 10x

      Finally, the brand leveraged Adyogi's powerful features to maximize their Black Friday success. 

      • Adyogi's Automatic Budget Optimization (ABO) feature automatically allocates budgets across campaigns based on real-time performance. This feature eliminates the need for manual budget increases or decreases. This feature enabled the brand to efficiently allocate advertising budgets, maximizing the impact of their Black Friday campaigns. 
      • To prevent potential losses, the Stop Loss Product feature was used, ensuring that certain products did not exceed a specified cost threshold. 
      • Additionally, the brand employed Image & Frame Overlay on their smart ads, creating visually compelling and attention-grabbing content. 

      This innovative approach not only increased the brand's online visibility but also contributed significantly to the overall impact of their Black Friday campaign. 


      Results: highest ever revenue recorded

      • The Black Friday strategies used by the brand were so successful that they set a new record for sales by making £230,000 in November. 
      • It had a huge effect online, with website sessions going up by 100%, which led to a 450% increase in website sales during the Black Friday sale. 
      • It's worth mentioning that the conversion rate increased, keeping the 10X return on ad spend (ROAS). 
      • A shocking 520% rise in total orders added to the company's newfound efficiency. 

      This was a big step forward for its online visibility and ability to make money.


      A quick walk-through of the Flash Sale Strategy

      Flash sales are sales that offer big discounts for a short period of time, usually 24–36 hours. They can help brands attract buyers, improve conversions, and increase sales and revenue. To make the most of Black Friday, the clothing brand adopted a smart move – the flash sales strategy. In their Flash Sale Strategy, the clothing brand implemented some key practices: 


      1. Weekend Time Period

      Knowing that people are more likely to buy things on the weekends, the Flash Sale Strategy tried to take advantage of this by making sure that the limited-time deals and offers were carefully used on these busy days especially "Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon”. 
      This focused approach helped the brand reach and affect as many people as possible by timing the flash sales for times when customers were most likely to be interested and ready to buy.


      2. Category Selection

      They strategically selected gender-specific categories, focusing on the clothing trends of 2022. Finding the most popular types of clothing, like hoodies, knitwear, and outerwear, helped the brand make its products fit what customers wanted. 

      This targeted method made sure that the items for the flash sale would be in line with the newest fashion trends, which made them more appealing to people who might want to buy them. 

      Their goal for the Black Friday flash sale was to get people's attention and boost sales by matching their products with what people were interested in.


      3. Seasonal Emphasis

      The brand played on the winter trend by putting a lot of emphasis on hoodies and joggers during their Flash Sale Strategy. 

      They changed their products to meet customer needs for winter-appropriate clothes when they realized the change in the seasons. In this way, they not only followed the latest fashion trends, but they also met the real needs of their customers. 

      This targeted method not only got people's attention, but it also helped the flash sale thrive by giving customers products that were useful and appealing for the weather at that time.


      4. Product Bundling

      Through the Flash Sale, the brand carefully paired items by grouping them together, such as sweatshirts with joggers. This method of bundling items not only fit with the winter style, but it also worked to raise the Average Order Value (AOV). 

      Customers were encouraged to buy items that went well together, which led to higher total spending per transaction. 

      The average order value (AOV) went up significantly compared to the previous week's flash sale. This shows how bundling can increase customer involvement and sales during limited-time offers.


      Result- increasing revenue share from 0% to 25%

      The brand had a huge amount of success with its Flash Sale Strategy. Focusing on these potentially profitable products increased their revenue share from 0% to 25%. The fact that a starting point of 0% turned into a big contribution shows how well the strategic method worked. With careful planning, this outcome shows how a sales initiative can be turned into a big revenue-generating opportunity for the brand.

      Shrutty Sharma
      Shrutty Sharma
      Shrutty has over 3 years of experience in inbound and content marketing. She started the Marketing Blog for Adyogi and is known for her work towards Adyogi's online presence. You can find her features in YourStory, Times of India, Financial express, and other prestigious publications. She likes to call herself an Art & creativity worshipper. Send a Hi to her on Linkedin!

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