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Why Should you consider going Global?

Fully Prepaid Orders

Unlike India, US is a fully prepaid market. Customers prefer making online payments through trusted payment partners like Credit card, Paypal, Gpay, Applepay etc. 

Higher repeat customer rate

We have usually seen that US customers are more inclined towards product quality and brand loyalty. Once the customer is satisfied, its easy to retain them in a longer run

High Average Order Value

Brands can expect an higher AOV considering that products sold in the global makets will be expensive compared to the local market because of the higher shipping & marketing costs. 


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Global Brands 


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Annual Sales Value

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Global Brands


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Why Adyogi for
International Marketing?

Adyogi is India's leading E-commerce agency helps Domestic brands establish strong foothold in the International markets. 

Adyogi has successfully scaled over 100 plus brands across multiple countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, Saudi & Singapore.

Brands prefer Adyogi for the unmatched expertise, Robust platform, Pre-defined International audience, better reporting & automations. 

Good to have before thinking of scaling International!

Stable revenue from your primary market

  • Often brands try expanding into multiple countries without having a source of stable revenue from their primary or domestic country.
  • Its always good to establish the presence in one country before scaling to others.
  • International marketing needs a separate budget and focus, so ensure you have revenue streaming from your domestic market to fund the new market expansion


Setup for conversions-01

Separate Website for International

  • If you are planning international from a long term perspective, Its recommended to have a separate website.
  • Using your primary domain or domestic site for international has certain disadvantages as follows
    1. Product disapprovals on google
    2. Currency convertor doesn't support post checkout if your  website is hosted on Shopify
    3. Shipping, Returns & exchange level policy changes
    4. Payment method variations



Minimum Budget & Focus

  • Brand should have a dedicated focus and resources allocated to drive the international vertical
  • Allocate minimum monthly budget of  3-5Lacs for International to see the impact.
Pay as you grow-01

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pre-requisites to get started with international?

1. Ensure that you have a currency converter enabled

2. Policies like shipping, return and refund etc to be updated according to target market

3. Ensure trusted payment partners are added

What should be the minimum adspend to consider?

Considering the higher CPM in markets like US, Canada, UK. Its recommended to start with minimum 3000$ monthly ad spends. 

What ROAS can i expect?

Usually we have seen brands scale faster in the international markets. First few months ROAS will be on the lower side, however efficiency in longer run will be more stable

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