Ensuring lesser manual efforts and more AI optimization is what AdYogi is known for. These automation features reduce your daily efforts going into managing your ad campaigns.

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Automatic Budget Optimization

Let the algorithm do the work while you take a back seat. AdYogi platform does the budget optimization in a way that automatically adjusts the spending behavior according to the performance by keeping the costs consistent and leading to more efficient budget allocation. 

  • Adjust spends automatically in a manner that campaigns do not lose their learning.
  • Create customized conditions according to campaign behaviour.
  • Select the frequency of your choice for budget adjustments.
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No more monotonous targeting

Our system helps you including and excluding regions by default. You don't have to select the regions you wish to target in every adset. This feature also enables you to refine your target regions with respect to states and cities

  • Default demographics for all prospecting campaigns. 
  • You can also edit these options if you wish to test some of your specific adsets to a different region
  • Experience more efficiency and flexibility while setting up your target audiences.


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Pre-fix the Age and Gender

Avoid the hassle of selecting your age group and gender manually every time you create adsets. AdYogi's default demographics settings tool allows you to set up your target age group and gender by default for all your campaigns at once.

  • If you wish to A/B test, you still get an option to edit the same while creating your adsets
  • Hassle-free campaign setup options that make sure there is no way you could go wrong in creating a purchases optimized campaign.
  • Very minimal to nil efforts required for optimizing or analyzing your performance.
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