Give your E-commerce store an advantage by using AdYogi's automated tools to efficiently optimize ad spends by achieving defined goals. 

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Catalog linked Creative Optimization

It's not about targeting audiences with products. It's about targeting your audiences with the 'right' products. This is where our algorithm corresponding to each ad, products are fetched from the website with the help of catalog integration. 

  • Catalog category - Top Selling, Most Viewed, High Value
  • Website caategory - Dresses, Tops, Shirts
  • Custom Category- Customized set of products created as per the specifications of the client.
Smart category product sets

Creative studio

It's time to get rid of the old ways of communication and adopt the user-friendly inbuilt creative studio feature on the AdYogi Platform. You can now customize the videos, images, overlays, etc., using the best selling products of your choice to quickly grab user attention and increase brand engagement.

  • Showcase your brand's top-selling products to create a video.
  • Customize by selecting different soundtracks, texts, filters, layouts of your choice.
  • Create a collection of attractive visuals
Creative studio

Target Audience

AdYogi platform's audience tool can help you reach your goals by targeting the right audience and optimizing your spends efficiently. Use industry specific pre-defined Lookalikes/ Prospect group suggestions along with audience exclusions. 

  • Target audience with similar interest groups
  • Increase your goals by running campaigns using qualified individuals with high conversion rates
  • Limit your ads by placing exclusions and target audiences who are likely to convert.
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Customized Overlays for your Creatives

Increase your brand engagement and conversions with Adyogi's Overlay feature on the platform. Promote price, brand, Image, discounted overlays depending on what works the best for you!

  • Great way to showcase your products with a festive touch, to promote discounts during the sale period, ads with a brand logo for better engagement.
  • Creates visually appealing ads thereby increasing the Clickthrough rate.


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