Analyzing your data is essential for optimizing to gain a better performance. Our in-depth analysis will ensure the best of insights from your ad campaigns and the right steps forward.

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ROAS Analyzer

ROAS is not a single metric, there are a lot of factors affecting this output. AdYogi's ROAS analyzer allows you to find the metric which causing the dip in the overall performance by providing you insights on a breakdown of important metrics with a comparison view.

  • Insights and steps to improve each of the metrics along with a knowledge management portal
  • Comparison of each metric with the previous period (Daily/ Monthly basis)
  • Month-on-month version to track progress
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Insights to Improve

The right insights are what you require to improve efficiency. The cross channel insights section of the AdYogi platform helps you in comparing your data at each level of your campaigns right from your creatives and platform to the keywords and regional performances

  • Your insights are segregated on default, ROAS and comparison view where you can compare your data with specific periods of times.
  • Find insights on each level- creative, adsets, campaigns, platforms, keywords, regions, etc.,
  • Custom date periods can be configured to get better analysis and insights from the data
Cross-channel insights 2

Expertise to benefit

AdYogi's algorithm provides you with automatic, tailored campaign recommendations based on the performance derived. Here's where you make the best use of our expertise that we have learned from working with over 200 eCommerce websites.  It enables you to optimize your ad strategy and drive conversions.

  • Deeper insights to improve campaign performance
  • Personalized recommendations that help in improving brand engagement
  • Investing in opportunities for conversions to increase clicks.
Performance recommendations

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Our goal at AdYogi is to help our clients capitalize on delivering personalized ads with automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling using cutting-edge technology, to drive sales

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