Adyogi Managed Service

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The complete performance marketing eco-system to scale eCommerce. Tailor made services for established brands - ROAS optimisation, centralised ad management, RTO reduction through informed targeting, and reduced ad-spend bleeding with auto exclusion of OOS inventory.


Who is
Managed Service destined for?


Established eCommerce businesses

For eCommerce businesses currently getting more than 300 orders per month from their own websites.


Retail presence since Generations

For retailers who have been in the business for a minimum of  8 years and are willing to take their business online.


Ad Spends and Budgets

For brands willing to spend a minimum of $3000 for their performance marketing every month.


How can AdYogi's Managed Service help you? 


Now that you've made a place for yourselves in the market, there are the next few things you need to do in order to scale your business. Getting organic buyers is definitely a sweet spot to be at but what is that one thing that's going to keep audiences coming to your website? What is the one ingredient that will take your business to dizzying heights?

Here's where 'AdYogi for Enterprises' comes into place.


Automation to Scale your Revenue

The tool has been finely set up for deriving sales and increasing revenue. There are multiple automation features that regulate and automate both the optimization and scaling of your Ad campaigns keeping the efficiency intact.

The tool's AI is built on a ROAS centric approach that enables optimization at various levels of the purchase funnel. 


Adyogi Dashboard - Mock up


Trained, Certified & Dedicated support

On top of having an AI automated tool, your accounts are monitored and optimized by your assigned and dedicated Account Managers. All our Account Managers (AM) and Subject Matter Experts (SME) are certified, trained, experienced and skillfully enhanced. 

Our Account Managers are the pride and the backbone of Adyogi who have ensured to scale over 200 brands in the past.


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Check out what goes behind building 350+ success stories!

Rare rabbit

The house of Rare

Men's fashion brand

How 'The House of Rare' scaled their brand, Rare Rabbit's revenue by 5 times within a span of two months





Home appliances brand

Learn how KAFF reached a 650% revenue scale in 6 months! Dissect the features that helped them find their right prospect audience automatically in spite of wide price range in products.

Global Footwear Brand

Global Footwear Brand


How this global footwear achieved 85% revenue boost while reducing ATC by 25% during the festive season! Checkout the Discounts and Offers strategy. 

Plans and Pricing

Free onboarding and integrations. Cancel your subscription anytime, no charges applicable.

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The above-mentioned charges are exclusive of Taxes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with the AdYogi team?

You can contact AdYogi's support team over the chat box in the right bottom of your AdYogi dashboard, over WhatsApp (8882568993), over email ( or just schedule a call with your Account Managers.

What control do I have over my campaigns in the Adyogi for Enterprise plan?

You know your product the best. We know performance marketing. The success of campaigns comes into place only when we strategize things together. Though your account managers will be creating the campaigns and targeting for you, you will always be a part of the strategic planning process of your ad campaigns.

When in doubt, who do I reach out to?

The AdYogi team has a knowledge management portal and a learning hub present in the Adyogi dashboard. As a subscriber, you shall receive access to both. You should be able to find answers to most of your queries there. If you still have doubts, you can always reach out to us over emails, chatbox, Whatsapp or simply schedule a call with your Account manager. 

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Our goal at AdYogi is to help our clients capitalize on delivering personalized ads with automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling using cutting-edge technology, to drive sales

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