AdYogi for Startups

The only marketing tool your eCommerce business needs after launching to scale and grow.


Who is
AdYogi for Startups designed for?


Launch Stage

For small teams of less than 10 members and eCommerce businesses who don't get more than 100 orders a month.


Start up

For bootstrapped start ups and businesses that hasn't completed a year since they launched.


Self serve

For entrepreneurs who are ready to learn marketing from us and automate their digital marketing with AdYogi tool.


Catalog size

For eCommerce websites with over fifteen products on the catalog. This enables the creation of automatic ads.



For small startups with a monthly performance marketing budget less than $3000


What can you expect out of
AdYogi for Startups? 


When you are a new eCommerce start up, you have a thousand places to be at. Right from getting your stock in place, answering your customers' queries, taking care of packaging and your logistics.
In the middle of all these you can't miss out on the major factor Marketing, which is most essential to get you 'potential' audience to your eCommerce business who are ready to buy. 

Here's where 'AdYogi for Startups' comes into place.


Setup for Conversions

The tool has been finely setup for deriving sales. All the features have been optimized for conversions. This way, you don't lose out your money on objectives that aren't required for deriving returns from your eCommerce business. 

The tool has been built from the learnings we have acquired from over 200 eCommerce brands across the globe.



Setup for conversions-01


Learn while you Earn

Our team of experts will ensure that you are trained to run your own ad campaigns. You will be able to get your hands on our Knowledge management portal and our Academy tutorials. 

This will not only help you in just earning but also make you the master in planning your own digital marketing strategy.



Learn while you earn-01


Pay as you grow

AdYogi for startups is one of your most pocket-friendly choices to get started with Social Ads. You have no minimum monthly spends that you need to commit. Spend the amount you wish to spend on marketing your eCommerce website. 

Especially when you're a bootstrapped startup, this is how you can rather invest more on ads than on agencies.


Pay as you grow-01

Plans and Pricing

Free onboarding and integrations. Cancel your subscription anytime, no charges applicable.

$ 300 per month  - billed monthly

Covers up to a monthly ad spend of $ 3000 per month

An overage of $ 120 shall be charged for every additional ad spends up to $1500


Current Discount: 50% off on the first 3 months' invoice

The above-mentioned charges are exclusive of Taxes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with the AdYogi team?

You can contact AdYogi's support team over the chat box in the right bottom of your AdYogi dashboard, over WhatsApp (8882568993) or over email (

How will AdYogi help in creating campaigns?

During your onboarding period, our support team will be assisting you with videos, via chats, emails and calls for you to get used to the AdYogi platform. We also ensure to educate you on marketing tactics and strategies to get the best results out of your ad campaigns. 

When in doubt, who do I reach out to?

The AdYogi team has a knowledge management portal which is similar to an academy. You will have access to the same once you become a subscriber. You should be able to find answers to most of your queries there. If you still have doubts, you can always reach out to us over emails, chat box or Whatsapp. 

Know about plans and pricing. 
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