Learn how eCommerce brands are scaling up their business in 2022 with speakers from the brands themselves!

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Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for ECommerce scale-up'22

Break down the basics and importance of Facebook Marketing for eCommerce scale up in 2022.  Join Adyogi Digital Marketing expert Saloni who has helped over 10+ eCommerce brands grow 3x!

Launching the first-ever website sale with ShopMulmul

Dissect how the top apparel brand, ShopMulmul strategized its first-ever website sale and ACED at it with Adyogi!  

BONUS- Sale strategy and best practices

Creative eCommerce ads for maximum conversions with Aachho

Apart from the technical aspects of eCommerce performance marketing, creativity in ads is that one aspect that can make or break your brand. Understand how ....

BONUS- Insights into the brand's reative Ad strategy 

Understanding Performance Marketing with Adyogi

Dissect Performance Marketing for maximum results with Digital Marketing Expert, Manasvi Neyol and Product Analyst, Harshit Goel

eCommerce Catalog optimization hacks with Unniyarcha

Over 53% of retailers say catalog optimization still poses a “significant” challenge for their business in 2022.
Curious to find the fix for it ....


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