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What Our Partners Have To Say

The collaboration with Adyogi has been a brilliant move for Klub. We now have access to both growth-oriented strategies and tools to move forward and grow faster. Their dedication and coordination is evident in all aspects of the results we have seen for our eCommerce clients.

Anurakt Jain

Founder, Klub (RBF platform)

Adyogi's partnership program has helped us to achieve some of the best results for our clients. We, Digital GK, are able to do as much as an 8x-10x improvement in our account management. The platform is fantastic! Data is fresh, and the latest updates are always reflected in their features. On top of that, the Adyogi partner support and expertise are unmatched. Altogether, this program has helped us not only to generate maximum sales for our clients' but has also helped my agency to grow much faster

Gaurav Khunteta

Founder, Digital GK

I am using AdYogi’s Partnership Program to offer digital marketing services to my clients as a total package along with my Shopify website development services. This has helped me to increase customer retention and upselling clients to higher plans in Shopify.

Abhishek Modi

Founder, Mojito Labs

When it comes to scaling eCommerce brands, Adyogi is our #1 go-to platform. We have tried and tested many other tools but the amount of detail the Adyogi platform has for eCommerce specifically, it is impeccable! We have seen a whopping 40% revenue boost ever since onboarding.

Pallav Jhawar

Adyogi-Certified Partner


Refer and Earn 

Boost your revenues while helping your connections, clients, and customers grow! Receive a percentage of the fees paid to Adyogi, learn more below.

Full Ads management 

Handover all digital marketing efforts to Adyogi-certified experts and boost your returns with effective campaign and budget optimization 

High Client Retention

Increase retention and lifetime value of your customers by helping them grow their eCommerce sales and returns with Adyogi's AI-powered Smart Tool.

Fast Business Growth

Get FREE access to all events conducted by Adyogi with Facebook and Google in top cities to generate more leads for your business in the eCommerce space.


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Serve your eCommerce customers right by helping them automate and optimize their Digital Marketing efforts with Adyogi's smart solutions.


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As an agency owner, your primary focus should be on what you do best and do it better than anyone else. With Adyogi's Agency Partner Program, you get to do just that AND MORE!

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