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Adyogi X Veg Non Veg - Collaboration to Success

The best feature that has helped us in performance marketing so far is the catalog analysis in the Adyogi platform. It provides valuable insights into non-hype sales and products sold in the non-hype category, allowing us to measure our ad spending's effectiveness

Adyogi X Mochi - Collaboration to Success

We started with one brand and slowly, slowly we may move into four brands. Now we have 4 brands and all the brands are with on with a duty and we are seeing a positive result in terms of marketing,

Insights and Inspiration for E-commerce Success

Mulmul described the experience as wonderful and praised the opportunity to learn from some amazing minds in the industry.

How Adyogi Helped Us Grow Our Business Successfully

 In this video testimonial, our client Prince Chandran, director of Rinteger, shares their experience working with Adyogi.

Meera Plus Size's Journey with Adyogi

In this video testimonial our client Meera Plus Size shares their journey with Adyogi, the conversation revolves around the challenges in building a brand for a niche audience.




Don’t underestimate the Power of Multi-Platform E-commerce

Trident  learned that it's important to not just focus on one platform, like Google, but to consider the range of products it offers and allocate budget accordingly


Unlocking the Power of Google for E-commerce

Looking for ways to boost your e-commerce campaigns and reach your target audience more effectively? The recent Decode e-commerce event offered a wealth of insights and strategies to help you do just that.

Adyogi X Sivertraq - Collaboration to Success

We previously managed Silvertraq as a brand. We did our advertising in-house and then tried our hand at a few different agencies and stuff like that before signing up with Adyogi last October

Dr.Vaidya's Journey with AdYogi

Within a short period of 6 months, we have scaled up our business by 5 times as compared to what we started off with Adyogi.

Brand Lyla's Journey with AdYogi

After using Adyogi Platform, we saw a huge upsearch both in the volume of sales and in website traffic which helps us grow at a really good and stable percentage every month. 



Paparazzi Closet's Journey with AdYogi

In this video testimonial  our client Papparazi Closet shares more information on how Adyogi helped in targeting relevant audience and helped in scaling their business.

TipsyFly's Journey with AdYogi

“Love the way that AdYogi has an idea for each particular of reaching a significant target, the team works hand-in-hand together.”

Spread Home's Journey with AdYogi

“The AdYogi team is really serious and punctual about the business. They have a scientific approach to the ideas.”

October Jaipur's Journey with Adyogi

Adyogi optimizes for consistent growth and our journey has been good. The team is very prompt with responding to queries and giving resolutions.

Nanophyto Pharmacy's Journey with Adyogi

The Adyogi team is very agile and action oriented. They've helped us solve issues at every stage of our growth story and give us the right directions at every step.

Aaheli's Journey with Adyogi

“We were able to see 3.5x results within 2 months with AdYogi”

Shalvi's Journey with Adyogi

In this video testimonial our client Shalvi shares their journey with Adyogi, the conversation revolves around the takeaways from our Decode Ecommerce event

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