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      15 Performance Marketing Practices For Maximum Returns

      It's no secret what an efficient Performance Marketing campaign can do for an eCommerce brand. Be it scaling its sales & revenue or boosting its market position, you can do it all with the right mix of paid Google, Facebook, and Shopify ads.

      But, are paid digital Ad campaigns the only way to reap the maximum returns on your performance marketing efforts and establish yourself as a market leader?

      The answer is simply No. 

      As a modern eCommerce brand, there are a number of practices - apart from running paid digital ads - that should be undertaken in order to build a brand that attracts consumers effectively and converts them effortlessly.

      Because, even if you are spending 10 Lakh a month in digital ads but your brand lacks awareness and has zero social media base, hygienic image etc, statistics have it that you may lose out up to 75% of your prospective customers. 

      Here's how you can maximize your performance marketing efforts with the 15 best "Non-Digital Ads" practices


      1. Maintain your social media handles:


      In this digital world where social media dictates our identity as humans, brands are not far left behind either. Having and maintaining your social media presence is essential to engage and retain your audience.

      Tip- you can start creating content twice or thrice a week and gradually make it more consistent. 


      2. Raise social awareness through your posts:

      Nothing is more engaging than educating people about sustaining social issues like taboos, stereotypes, public health concerns, just toxic rituals, and the likes. 

      To take this up, if you're in the health & wellness industry, you can talk about the unhealthy obsession with  “celebrity-like” bodies or raise awareness about different types of skin. If you're in the apparel or beauty industry, you can spark up a conversation about sustainable fashion, beauty standards, etc.


      3. Run Brand Awareness Campaigns on Facebook: 

      Other than conversion campaigns, start running brand awareness campaigns directly from the ads manager. 

      Through brand awareness campaigns, you can reach a broad target audience at a fairly low cost of say INR 100-500/ day. You can then retarget conversion ads towards these very people for the best results.


      4. Tap into Reels: The powerhouse of reaching masses

      Instagram Reels are spreading like fire. Making the most out of it with an optimized reels strategy for higher engagement and conversions.1634797883119

      5. Conduct frequent giveaways/contests on social media:

      These will help you in keeping your audience hooked to your page & website. Thus, boosting brand awareness and brand visibility. 

      Promote follower-boosting contest clauses like - “The participants must follow the page to enter the contest and tag 3 friends on the post” or “Share this post on stories and tag us”. 


      6. Influencer Marketing:

      A simple search online can land you on the most happening influencer pages. Start small with small-community influencers to get a grip on the game and then climb up the ladder gradually. Offer your products with a well-strategized proposal to make the most of influencer marketing.


      7. Share reviews and testimonials:

      Customer testimonials give your brand a humanly touch and offer your audience a much-required peek into the results they can expect from your products. You can promote testimonials via - 


      8. Try Email Marketing:

      Emails are still the most effective marketing channels. Collect the contacts of your prospective customers through your website and share the latest discounts, promotions, new arrivals, etc via newsletters. And voila! Constant lead generation. You can use an email marketing software tool as well for your email marketing


      9. Take up Moment Marketing: 1634803240994

      Moment marketing is when you keep up with the latest trends, news, etc & use it creatively to promote your product. Some of the brands who are an expert with Moment Marketing are Zomato, Fevicol, Amul India, etc

      >> Here's how this ice cream brand took advantage of the return of the popular show Game Of Thrones.


      10. Run promotional offers on your website:

      By running frequent promotional offers on your website, you are making sure that users are constantly engaging with your brand. It should not always be a sale rather you can run 'Buy1 Get1', 'Spin the wheel to win coupons', 'First purchase Discount', etc. 


      11. Post Before & After customer service:

      A good & promising before, during, & after service helps in improving customer loyalty towards a brand and helps gain the customer's trust. It is beneficial in the long term as we are not only retaining the client but also increasing our customer base through referral marketing. 


      12. Host flash sales: 


      A flash sale is an impromptu sale hosted by the brands for a short period of time. Unlike other festive sales & end of season sales where we have a specific time period, the flash sale can be hosted at any time during the year. Hosting such sales frequently keep your customers glued to your social media & website. Thus, increasing engagement.


      13. Implement reviews:

      Reviews on the website help the customers gain higher trust in the brand. They feel more confident when making a purchase. The more reviews your product page has, the more content will be your customer. And thus, the higher will be your conversion.

      -- Reviews with product pictures helps in building added confidence & trust.


      14. Have a live chat option on the website:

      Having a Live Chat option on the website helps you to solve your customer queries when they are still present on the website, & thus increasing the chances of conversion. It is the most effective tool to save the customer's as well as the business's time. The customers get a traditional store shopping experience if their doubts are getting resolved at the very moment on the website.


      Last but not the least, A/B testing.

      What works for one brand might not work for you. Every brand is unique & we've to keep on testing and trying things until we figure out what's best for us.


      Automate your Performance Marketing efforts with Adyogi

      At Adyogi, we help e-commerce businesses - both large or small - reap maximum returns on their Digital Ads by automating their performance marketing efforts.

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      Shrutty Sharma
      Shrutty Sharma
      Shrutty has over 3 years of experience in inbound and content marketing. She started the Marketing Blog for Adyogi and is known for her work towards Adyogi's online presence. You can find her features in YourStory, Times of India, Financial express, and other prestigious publications. She likes to call herself an Art & creativity worshipper. Send a Hi to her on Linkedin!

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