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      Full Funnel Marketing with Meta platforms: Strategies to scale during festive season

      It is no secret that Meta platforms -  Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook are the biggest social media platforms comprising a huge user-base. 

      Out of 4.6 billion global Internet users, 3.59 billion people use at least one Meta app every month: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Many use more than one. 

      Digital marketing through these platforms is the easiest and most efficient way to reach a large number of people for your e-commerce brand. Like any other marketing strategy, setting up a funnel is crucial to successful marketing campaigns on Meta platforms. Reach out to new customers, generate leads, convert them as quickly as possible, and finally ensure that they maintain brand loyalty.

      Full Funnel Marketing

      Funnel-based approach to creating e-commerce campaigns

       The funnel-based approach is based on a simple principle- divide your audience in different parts on the basis of their engagement with the brand. In this blog, we'll separately discuss the best practices to be followed at each stage of the funnel an budget maximization across campaigns to maximize ROAS. 



      Top Of The Funnel

      The top of the funnel will constitute of people who have never heard of your brand and is your place to build 'awareness' about your brand. Your ads here will be the 'first prospect campaign.' 

      Three questions you need to ask yourself while setting up ad campaigns at this stage-

      1. What should I optimize my campaign for? 

      2. Who should I target in my ads?

      3. What should my ad contain?


      Best practices for top funnel Facebook ad campaigns

      • Ad should show price and 'shop now' as CTA to filter audience with intent & ability to buy.

      Highlight price and CTA in ad

      • Ad should showcase specific product(s) and land people on the product page

      Carousel ad which leads to product page

      • Ad format to be picked based on the type of product. For example, for Supplements, Newsfeed helps in showcasing Flagship product, while carousels work better for apparels. 

        Newsfeed ad formatcarousel ad format

      • Ad-set should have broad targeting to allow Facebook to optimize. Run for Top 65 cities or Top 200 cities. Pro Tip: Avoid running campaign across <10 cities as it increases the CPM substantially

        target prospective customers
      • Ad-set should target competing brands as interest groups for best performance. Pro Tip: Don’t use Intersection of different interests. It will narrow down the reach potential.

        Target competing brands as best interests


      • The campaign objective should be conversions and not awareness or traffic. Traffic or Awareness campaigns will drive Junk Traffic which is not desirable.

      Select campaign objective to be conversions
      • The campaign should be optimized for purchases and not any other conversion event. 

      Optimize campaign

      Middle Of The Funnel

      The middle funnel consists of two specific groups of people-

      1. Those who have visited website or social media pages previously 

      2. Those who have seen the product or added it to cart previously

      For the first group, you will need to run 'engage' campaigns.

      Only around 65% people purchase on website on the same day of seeing your products from Ads

      The remaining 35% people who got dropped off, purchase in next 60 days if they are retargeted properly through Ads with same products. Hence it is important to have retargeting campaigns separately with approx. 10% of your total budget.

      Different types of audiences which can be re-marketed-

      On Website-

      1. Product page visitors

      2. Cart abandoners

      3. Website homepage and Category page visitors

      4. Subscriber database from blogs etc. 

      On social media-

      1. Page visitors on Facebook and Instagram

      2. Video view audience on social platform

      For the second group, you need to run dynamic remarketing campaigns. 

      Best practices for dynamic remarketing campaigns-

      • The campaign objective should be catalog sales

      Campaign objective should be catalogue sales
      • Ad messaging should focus on the status of the customer and be contextual.

        Pro Tip: Give special discounts on remarketing ads. It helps in increasing your conversion rate.

        Remarket using contextual ads
      • Adset should target people who have viewed products but not purchased


      Bottom Of The Funnel

      Lower funnel consists of all those people who have purchased from you previously. Here you run 'customer campaigns' for increased repeats and increased brand loyalty. 

      • Run dynamic ads for product page visitors and cart abandoners

      • Retarget all audiences who have interacted earlier:

                 1. Home & Category Page visitors

                 2. Facebook & Instagram Page audience

                 3. Video viewers on Youtube and Social media

      • Upload offline email and phone number data to target existing customers with new arrivals

        Lower funnel target ad


      To sum up...

      Full funnel marketing with Meta platforms is an amazing way to tap onto a huge audience base and generate revenue. You need to be aware of and act on the best practices at each stage of the funnel- Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty. 

      Setting up successful ad campaigns for each stage of the funnel is crucial but technical. This is where AdYogi can help you!

      Adyogi, a digital advertising creative platform helps e-commerce businesses save time and generate more revenue. We automate digital Ad creation to establish an automated prospecting, targeting, and retargeting approach that targets the client's merchandise and cross-promotes using cutting-edge technology, to boost sales. We've been able to increase client revenue by upscaling it 7x - 8x through Adyogi's performance-based solution.

      Get in touch to see how we can help you grow your business online.



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