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What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal Marketing refers to the running of ad campaigns in extremely small geographic areas. (i.e.) A few kilometers around the physical store. The delight hyper-local marketing brings on the table is its ability to generate store visits and track them as well.

It brings great meaning to the retail industry when E-Commerce is gaining a lot of moment these days and the Brick and Mortar is finding it really difficult to survive.

Advantages of Hyperlocal Marketing


Quantifiable Results

Hyperlocal Marketing would lead to paying for very specific and measurable results, such as Cost per store locate, Cost per Store Visit within a geographic area, from individuals interested in your store/business.

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Outright Targeting

Conventional marketing techniques such as billboards, local news ad campaigns, etc. don’t necessarily reach your target audience whereas "Hyperlocal ads" are tailor-made to target your desired audience.


Ace Brandformance

Hyper local ads are not just limited increasing the visibility of the brand outlet in the vicinity. It helps to drive new store visits and also have features to track the sales derived out of them.

How it works?

Ads in the vicinity of a store

Hyperlocal ads are not just limited to increasing the visibility of the brand outlet in the vicinity but also helps to drive new store visits with the Ads shown around the same.


Easy store locator

When an ad for your brand/business is clicked on, the prospective customers can see directions to the nearest store.


Tracking results

This is a cutting-edge marketing technique because it enables tracking of sales obtained offline through online platforms. In other words, if you engage in Hyperlocal Marketing on Facebook, you can track purchases at physical stores that happened due to these ads.


Compare store performance

Hyperlocal Ads enable the tracking of store visits generated, sales,
revenues, and ROAS at the level of individual stores, and also let you compare performance across hundreds, if not thousands, of stores.



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